Thursday, 30 May 2013

Katie & Ambition Blush.

I think every blogger and their dog knew all about the Illamasqua sale a week or so ago. If you were living under a cave, it was 50% off anything online. I'd been eyeing up the blushes for some time, so this was the perfect opportunity to give one of their products ago. I've seen a few mixed opinions on what the Illamasqua customer service was like, however I thought it was fab and had no problems at all.

I've never had a product from Illamasqua before so really didn't know what the quality would be like, other than from reviews from other bloggers. I have to see I am a total convert. The pigment in both the blushes is unbelievable, it is so good and lasts all day. Katie (obviously had to buy this) is the pinkiest of the two colours and gives a gorgeous rosy cheeked look on my super pale skin. Ambition is the darker rose colour with little flecks of gold, which is perfect as a blush/highlighter combination and looks fab too.

These colours are really suited to my pale skin, I'm really impressed and now I'm desperate to try out more of Illamasqua products. I think for the pigmentation and wear time these are really reasonably priced too. 

Did you get anything in the sale?

Katie xx

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Roses and Lace.

Top - C/O Get The Label
Hairband - Primark

I haven't done a fashiony post is so long. I've been desperate to get some outfits up, but with my lack of money and basically anything I buy being holiday related, my outfits have been pretty boring. This top was sent to me after the Get The Label event I attended a few weeks back, I love how delicate it looks and how easily it can add so much detail to a boring outfit. This was perfect to throw on over my vest for an extra bit of something when the sun came out this weekend. My only concern is if I tan (by that I mean burn) my skin is going to have some crazy pattern!

Katie xx

Monday, 27 May 2013

New In Beauty.

These are a few beauty products I've inherited the last few weeks or so, I thought I would do a 'mini' haul to showcase me newbies.

First up is Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Wash and Body Moisturiser, I wasn't expecting these lovely products to arrive though my door as I signed up on the Cetaphil website (I think) to receive some samples to try. Then suddenly these full-sized bottles turned up with a little letter telling me these were samples. Certainly the best size 'try-out' products I've ever found. I've only got round to trying the moisturiser so far, but it's perfect for my back acne with helping sooth the itchy, dry areas.

I actually picked up the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser before I received the samples, then when I got the samples I was so excited because I love this cleanser so much. As most of you will know I've been an avid fan of Superdrug's hot cloth cleansers for some time, but they started making my dry skin sting a little when I used them. After a little research I went and purchased a bottle of the Cetaphil cleanser from Boots. When I read it was good enough for Caroline Hirons, I knew it was more than good enough for me. I will get a full review up when I've finished my first bottle.

Two shower products now, I am loving oil-based washes at the moment. I've not had the money to invest in the L'Occitane almond one but I have tried out a Santuary one which I loved. So when I spotted the new range from Nivea, I really needed to give it a whirl. I picked up the Nivea Waterlily & Oil Shower Gel, which smells divine and leaves a lovely soft feeling after washing. I've also been hunting for a new gentle shampoo for my itchy scalp, I'd never seen the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Shampoo before, I actually found it in the Afro hair section in Superdrug. It's really soothing, and gentle to my hair and scalp and smells gorgeous too.

The last two things are a bit more random, I was sent the Aloe Propolis Creme from another blogger who had raved about it being great for your skin. I was sent it to try on my face and back and see how I get on with it, hopefully it's be fab for my scarring. It's full of yummy ingredients like Vitamin E and Aloe (obviously) so I will get back to you after I've given it a good go.Lastly, I have FINALLY jumped on the Real Techniques band wagon and picked up the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, which I have to say, I am in love with. This is just the perfect brush for foundation and leaves amazing coverage - perfect.

Katie xx


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Instagram #10.

Another week bites the dust. This week was pretty exciting for me, uni-wise. I spent time in a few different places and got to see a lot of different things. Other than that, it mainly consisted of new beauty things, food and drink. So here is my week according to Instagram:

I made FAR too many cupcakes
I've started the Blogilates Challenges on YouTube
Hubby brought me roses
Double Dip - enough said
Illamasqua goodies
Lovely shower gel
Mojito from Swimwear 365 event
I FINALLY found MY coke!
Free Chanel Sample

This week had flown past, but at the same time felt like a long one. Maybe it's the excitement of another bank holiday weekend. What are you plans with an extra day off?

Katie xx

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Friday, 24 May 2013

Swimwear 365 Event.


Last night I attended the Swimwear 365 Bloggers Beach Party, and had a really fab time. The venue was Revolucion De Cuba in Manchester, which is a really cool restaurant with a super sophisticated feel. The event was based in the VIP room downstairs and showcased some of Swimwear 365's pieces, along with twitter competitions, nail technicians and free cocktails. We also had to pick a place we would like to go to on a map, to potentially blog about alongside one of Swimwear 365 pieces.

It was a fab night, I met lovely bloggers and really enjoyed myself. If you want to check out more of the collection, the website is here. They have some gorgeous pieces and some really flattering swimsuits -  so go take a look!

Were you at the event?

Katie xx


Thursday, 23 May 2013

USA Swap.

A few months back I did another swap with an American blogger Tiffany from Gloss and Mascara. It was a really fab swap and I got some amazing American products to try - we've even decided to continue swaps every now and again so we can find products we both want to try from each others country. 

A few of my favourite things Tiffany sent were of course the sweets and chocolate - Nerds and 3 Musketeers bars are my favourite things EVER. American sweets are so pricey over here so I was super excited to get these. I am in love with Wet and Wild eye palette too, it's perfect because it actually says which colour is for which area of the eye. I am RUBBISH at eye make up, this is literally fool-proof so perfect for me. 

Unfortunately some of the blusher got cracked travelling over, but it hasn't stopped me using them, one was a little dark for me without a tan, but as soon as the sun comes out it'll be perfect! I am in love with the Ecotools brushes too, I already owned a powder brush so I was so excited to get this set with some others in. 

I've been flicking through Allure magazine when ever I've had chance, but it just makes me want more American stuff! I literally could spend a bomb if I visited again, best wait until I've won the lottery..

Have you done a swap lately?

Katie xx

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Birthday Wishlist.

Untitled #45

It's my birthday on 8th June so I thought I would put together a little birthday wishlist. For the record I haven't asked for any of this stuff, but if I get any vouchers/money these are just some bits I'd like to pick up.

I spotted this Zara bag a few weeks ago and fell in love, it comes in a few colours but i think black is always safest, plus it would go with anything. It's priced at a tiny £22.99 too, but I will have to be quick, Zara's bags seem to sell out in a millisecond.

Okay, I want a lot of beauty stuff, but I've been lusting after these Fig +Yarrow bath salts for sooo long, in fact anything from the entire Fig + Yarrow range would be perfect. I love the idea behind the brand and how luxurious but simple, I also adore the packaging.The Antipodes Honey face mask has also been on my wish list for so long, I think I need this in my life asap.

I'd love to pick up a few holiday bits too, I asked people on twitter (@Katieatki) what the best tan was for that pre-holiday glow and the Xen-Tan Luminous Gold Gel was recommended - I'm dying to try this out. Apparently it wears well in and out of the pool/sea too, which is fab for me as I don't really tan.

What are you lusting after at the moment?

Katie xx


Monday, 20 May 2013

Me and Jonathan.

 The hubby moaned the other day for me not dedicating a post to him, so here it is. This is a quick photo montage of our time together so far. If you aren't into soppiness turn away now.

One of the first photos taken together 2008

Our first holiday together 2009

Jonathan's 24th Birthday 2010

Another Holiday 2010

Just before we went on Honeymoon 2011

Photo booth 2012

Berlin 2012

March 2013

I love this man more than words can say, he is my best friend and my soul mate. He keeps me sane and looks after me when I'm not feeling so good and always knows what kind of mood I'm in. He makes me laugh everyday with his silly made up songs he sings. I couldn't ask for a better husband, I will love him until the end of time.

Katie xx


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Instagram #9.

This weeks been a long one, I feel exhausted. I think my body is adjusting to working full time again, I love what I do but I've been asleep at 9pm most nights this week. I've had a lovely week though, so here's what I've been up to according to Instagram:

Great British weather makes everyone grumpy
Trying lots of samples - this stuff is amazing
My blusher broke
Dime Bar Cake
South Beach Blog Party - post here
Enough condiments to feed the 5000
My advantage card points bought me this new bronzing primer
Missing the bunnies at Pets at Home
This weeks perfume of choice

What have you been up to this week?

Katie xx

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ecover: Message in Our Bottle Campaign.

I'd heard of Ecover before being contacted to do this post. I wasn't sure it really fit in with my blog or would be something my readers would want to read, but as I read more about the company I realised the ethics and idea behind Ecover were right up my street.

So what is Ecover? It's a brand that make household products - laundry detergent, washing up liquid, soap etc. Ecover are all about making sustainable products and recycling, in fact they are currently fishing for plastic in our seas, in order to turn it into plastic bottles to be used in their products. Not only are they recycling plastic that has been discarded but also preventing our beaches from becoming more polluted and helping all those little fishes out too!

I like to think I try to do my best for the environment, we recycle plastic bags a much as possible and you will never even catch me dropping any litter out and about. However there is still a lot more that I could do to help save the world..(okay slightly dramatic, but you get the picture).

The thing that convinced me most to write this post and help spread the word, is Ecover is a cruelty free brand and have the 'Leaping Bunny' seal of approval for all their products. It's pretty difficult finding vegetarian, animal friendly house hold products, especially as the 'big' cleaning brands are owned by huge companies who still test on bunnies. I'm really excited to have learnt more about the brand.

Cleaning the seas, one bottle at a time

Read more about Ecover and their Message in our bottle campaign - here

Have you tried Ecover products?

Katie xx

*This is a sponsored post, however all of my opinions are true

Friday, 17 May 2013

Book Review: The Longest Holiday.

I raved about my love for Paige Toon in the past, so as soon as I found out she had another book out, I ran to buy it. Much like the rest of her books, this is an amazing read and I couldn't put it down.

The Longest Holiday is about Laura and her trip to Florida with two friends. Laura didn't plan to go on holiday but was escaping the reality at home. I don't want to give too much away, but she meets a guy on holiday and things just kind of go from there. As always it isn't a smooth journey, as Laura has a lot of things to sort out in the UK. 

If you're after a good bit of chick-lit and like a lighthearted read, this is certainly for you. I actually laughed out loud on the train to work the other day, reading this book. I would 100% recommend this and all of the other books from Paige Toon, this is the perfect holiday read!

Have you read Paige Toon's books?

Katie xx

Thursday, 16 May 2013

South Beach Blog Party.

Yesterday I attended the South Beach Blog Part at Frurt in Manchester. The venue was an amazing place, really cool and modern. I don't think I need to really explain the photos, but if you are in Manchester anytime soon stop by Frurt in Spinningfields cos their frozen yoghurt is amazing!

I also managed to get a cheeky non-alcoholic cocktail made with fresh banana, strawberries and Vita Coco Coconut Water it was delicious! I also got chance to try those strange 'balls' that you get in Milk Bubble Tea, they were pretty yummy.

If you want to check out the South Beach Collection the website link is here

I also have a discount code for my readers, use TOPBLOG15 to receive 15% off.

Katie xx


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

TKMaxx Steal.

Superga Plimsoles (RRP £40) £16.99 - TKMaxx

You all know I love a good bargain. I've been looking for some new casual day shoes, as my Vans are starting to get holes in, I love the plimsoles and very rarely wear any other kind of shoe. I'd been eyeing up the Sperga's in Schuh for a while but didn't think I could justify spending at least £40 on a pair, so when I spotted these babies in TKMaxx, I needed them in my life.

I only picked these up yesterday, so if you are after a cheap pair of decent plimsoles, it's certainly worth a look in TKMaxx. They also had some baby pink ones for the same price, but slighty different style, which I really loved but they didn't have my size. I will have to keep hunting!

These are so light an perfect for my holidays, and as I was going to pick up the Primark dupes for £6, it was worth the wait to find the 'real deal' for a little extra. I have no white Vans/Converse so I'm excited about owning a new colour, but I'm dying to get them a little dirty because they are far too bright at the moment!

Have you found any gems in TKMaxx recently?

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Katie xx

Monday, 13 May 2013

La Roche-Posay SPF 50.

La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50

I have very, very pale skin, as many of you know. I struggle even when the sun pops out for a millisecond I will turn a shade of pink, so it is very important for me to have a good SPF. During the winter I usually wear around SPF 15, but as we are (hopefully) going to see some more sun as we head into summer I was on the search for something at least factor 30. 

I wanted something specifically for sun protection, not something blended into a moisturiser or make up. I hunted high and low for the perfect SPF for me, and really struggled to find anything from the brands I usually go to. For some reason although SPF is an essential and everyone should wear it, it has a unbelievably high price tag. After A LOT of trawling the internet I kept coming back to the same product.

I don't buy from La Roche Posay generally, purely because they are owned by L'Oreal and I don't agree with their animal testing policy, but I took exception in this case as I feel a good SPF is very important. I have a pretty small budget being a student and this was the cheapest/highest factor I could find.

This particular SPF is made for combination skin, so is perfect if you get oily throughout the day. It doesn't feel like it dries my skin out either and leaves a very matte finish. It's light and easy to apply and I really don't even notice I have it on my skin. It's not heavy or greasy and dries within a minute and you can apply make up straight away. I was worried because of the factor strength this would be really awful on the skin, but cos this is tailor made for your face it sinks right in.

This does leave the tiniest white mark, but it can be covered very easily with make up and isn't noticeable at all. It's light enough to apply on it's own and will be perfect for my holidays.

I picked this up from Boots for just under £13, which is pretty amazing considering a high end SPF 50 is well over £20. You can check out this SPF and others in the range here.

Katie xx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Instagram #8.

It's that time of the week again, doesn't time fly when you're having fun? That does mean it is another week closer to my birthday and holiday which I am very excited about. So here is what I've been up to this week:

Eating frozen yoghurt with Peanut Butter Cups - in the sunshine
Amazing Zara bag
Practicing my bandaging skills on the hubby
Cosmo Blog Awards Opened (I would LOVE a nomination)
Peanut Butter on toast
Postcard from France
New book - I adore Paige Toon
Bedtime essentials
Yummy GF cake mix

Have you been up to anything exciting this week?

Katie xx

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