Thursday, 11 April 2013

Urban Decay Disappointment.

I received this sample in one of my beauty swaps, I was really excited to see it as I've heard good things about this foundation. I know Urban Decay were well known for being cruelty free so it was a brand I was really interested in, having never really tried one of their products. (They are maybe not cruelty free now, are they selling in China?!) Anyway I gave the sample a go.

It's not often I do a negative review, in fact I tend to stay clear of negativity on my blog, but this really disappointed me. It may have been cos I had high expectations - this is £27 a bottle and wasn't half as good as the £8.99 Healthy Mix from Bourjois. 

The foundation itself is very watery, I don't like a thick texture but this was really runny. I applied in the same way I would any other foundation but this was really tricky to blend cos of the watery-ness. Perhaps I got a little too much out of the sample thingy but I didn't enjoy applying. This is, as expected a very light foundation so for obvious reasons it doesn't build up which is fine for my skin at the moment, so I didn't have a problem with that. However I feel I could get the same coverage from a BB cream or lower end product, from the reviews I've seen of the MUA undressed foundation I imagine the coverage would be similar. 

Lastly, this is NOT for dry skin. Well in fact not for skin that has a few dry patches either. This clung to my dry patches and would not let go. I literally looked like a reptile shedding my skin - not good. In the end I resulted in taking my make up off and starting over. On the up side, the colour match Shade 2.0 was pretty good.

I imagine this foundation would be more suitable for normal skin types, I don't know about oily skin as it is very watery and may become shiny pretty easily. But to conclude this isn't for me.

Has anyone else tried this foundation? Do you love it?

Katie xx



  1. I've never got along with any of the Urban Decay foundations - I don't know what it is! I just find them very strange aha. xxx

  2. It's so great to hear an honest review! Too bad the product wasn't what you expected, but on the bright side, it was only a sample!
    I have just now stumbled across your blog and I definitely like what I have seen so far!
    You have a great blog and I enjoy reading your posts! Anyways maybe you might consider following each other? :)
    Have a lovely day!

  3. This is good to know, i probably wouldn't buy this anyway or any kind of 'naked' kind of 'no makeup' foundations, i like to have full/high coverage foundations as if i didn't need to wear foundation i wouldn't! xx

  4. Thanks for the review! I have really dry skin so this is so good to know!


  5. I had the same samples as you and decided I wasn't fussed. However, I received the foundation as a gift and now I love it :) its more suited to combination skin and when used with the UD BB balm it has a much longer lasting effect. :)


  6. Ah i hate watery foundation, they always leave such bad coverage and streaks on your skin. Great review, even though the product was rubbish haha.


  7. Aww that's such a shame, the only things i'v tried from Urban Decay are the (all the) eye shaddows :) what i couldn't recommend enough xx

  8. I'll definitely going to stay clear of this! Most foundations make me look like a reptile shedding it's skin!
    Everything I have tried from Urban Decay have been brilliant! Eye shadows in particular!
    Caitlin xx

  9. Its a shame you dont get on with this :( have you tried using a moisturiser or maybe a face primer before applying? I have this foundation and so does my mum and we both absolutly love it!! I hate normal foundations as i hate the feel of them on my face but if you apply the smallest amount (one or half a pump) then it dries a perfect soft matte, i have combination skin and this is great for my oily areas and doesnt show up my dry areas. I also use a real technique stippling brush to blend it out and most the time im wearing it i actually forget iv got it on! hope this little pointers can be helpful and hope u will give it another try :) but then what some people love doesnt always work for others :) xx

    great review btw

  10. oh also they pulled out of supplying in china as the laws didnt match their wishes of being cruelty free :) so yes they are still animal friendly :D


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