Friday, 26 April 2013

ROWME Wishlist.

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I've never really explored ROWME until today, I 'liked' them on Facebook a while back and saw a post from them on my feed that inspired me to take a look. Firstly, I didn't realise they did such a selection of clothing. It kind of reminds me of ASOS - they have free P&P too! It does take a little more searching than ASOS does, there are a few pieces that are a definite no-go for me, but the pieces I love, I really, really love.

I think the neon green oversized dress is my favourite piece, it's just the perfect shape to be flattering on anyone and the vibrant colour is perfect for spring/summer. Can you imagine how amazing this dress would look with a tan on holiday? I need this is my wardrobe, plus it's only just over £20!

I've seen this style of oversized tshirt/shirt around quite a lot at the moment, and again it's so flattering. I love the bagginess of these three tees and I love the neck lines too. I'm not into the high neck, polo shirts that seem to be creeping in at the moment, but this is just the perfect compromise between a polo neck and a low rounded neck. I think the cut of the sleeves would look amazing too.

I'm so glad I took a look at ROWME, it's certainly somewhere I will consider looking in the future for a bargain, although looking now when I have no pennies isn't good for my health!

Have you explored this website?

Katie xx

P.S I did a cheeky skin update video here.



  1. I love Romwe but haven't ever bought anything from them before - gorgeous picks, I'll have to give their website another look! X

  2. You picked out some lovely items!

    Sita xx

  3. That neon green one is gorgeousss! I also love that shape and so so perfect for summer with a tan and sandals!! xxx

  4. Great wishlist, I love the cute floral dress! Can beat florals in the summer :) xx

  5. Great picks - the floral tops look gorgeous :) x

  6. Hi Katie,

    I love your post, the neon dress is also my fave, I'm loving the neon trend at the moment! I am really new to the blogging world and one of my first posts was on neon accessories. Your post has really inspired me - thank you!

    Emily xx

  7. such gorgeous finds, that floral tee is my fave! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  8. oh cool wishlist! i love the neons and bold florals

  9. I do often browse ROWME but have never made a purchase. I love the oversized neon tee! x

  10. ahhh i've wanted an oversized tee dress for ages, in black... but that neon green is lush :) xxx


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