Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mr Gold Dust takes control

Hello all,

Mrs Atkinson (Katie) has foolishly left her blog account (?) signed in and as I am bored beyond all living belief - she is out with her friends and I am broke - I am overcome with a desire to be mischevious. But alas, I will not be taking the opportunity to blog-rape (blape?) Mrs Atkinson by posting rude words, suggesting she stinks or that she is with child, I will take the chance to point out just a couple of the reason I love Katie Elizabeth Atkinson  (bleurgh, yes I know BUT who cares.)

1) She is a bit of a fitty.

2) Her hybrid accent (Middlesbrough and Bolton) is just a little bit cute.

3) She makes me smile (I generally avoid smiling).

4) Katie (number #1 love) listens to be ranting about my #2 love (Bolton Wanderers) and my #3 love (sociology). She also named her blog after a character from my #4 love (WWE) - and that just makes me laugh a little.

5) She made me believe in love. (Yes, I have hidden this under a picture of Goldust.)

6) She is a tough little lady. Cross her if you don't believe me.

7) She is my best friend (Sorry Guylly).

8) She is passionate about stuff - like this blog - when she gets stuck in to something she gets stuck in to it.

9) She cares about everyone. There isn't a bad bone in her body.

10 ) She likes very bizarre things (rabbits and candles - who the hell likes rabbits and candles?)

11) Her weird food issues.

12) She understands me (AND IS BLOODY PATIENT).

13) She lets me know when she has arrived safely so I don't worry and checks I have arrived safely when I go to work on a morning.

14) She is tight as a ducks arse - eventhough she doesn't even know it.

15) She agreed to marry me and made me a very happy man.

......and that is just the start of it.

I'll probably not be back for a while. Take care all.

Katie, please don't be mad. Love you forever.



  1. ahahahahah - you're brave hope you don't get told off hahaha very funny to read xx

  2. haha and aww! :)
    As above, very brave, but also very thoughtful and forgivable at the sametime. :)

  3. This is the cutest most sweetest thing I have ever seen! What a good husband!

  4. Awh this is so sweet :) Husband points? x

  5. I don't think she can really be angry after you said such lovely things :).

    Sally x

  6. This was so sweet! Its lovely being in love

  7. OMG how adorable!!! I think my computer just exploded with squishy love hearts and pink!

  8. Aaaaah this is so sweet! You're awesome, Jonathon, for having the guts to do this!

  9. Awww this is so lovely! my boyfriend would probably just log me out! x

  10. this is the most adorable post ever <3

  11. aww, this is the nicest thing ever!
    sara x


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