Saturday, 13 April 2013

Manchester Cake and Bake Show.

I was lucky enough to receive a press pass for the Cake and Bake Show in Manchester last weekend, so I dragged the hubby along to go and check out some amazing cakes. I spent the majority of the time being in awe of the decoration and detailing on some of the cakes, especially the ones in the decorating competition. 

It was so busy I don't think we managed to look around every stall properly and sadly there wasn't many gluten free tasters, but the hubby was very happy to taste all of the cakes and pies on my behalf. 

We also managed to watch a live 'bake off' with John Whaite - the winner of The Great British Bake Off last year. We watch the show every year so it was exciting seeing him bake and some of the other contestants from last years series were there too! 

I came away with this lovely press goodie bag, which I have already started using. I've always wanted a bottle of vanilla paste but it's so pricey, so thank you Cake and Bake show for providing me with it! If you missed this Cake and Bake show, I believe there is another in London later this year - which I imagine will be bigger than Manchester's.

Did you got to the Cake and Bake show?

Katie xx


  1. It's so hard getting gluten free! I've started sprinkling popping candy on my cakes! A fun surprise! xx

  2. These pictures are making me hungry. Everything looks so yummy and the decorations are beautiful. Truly talented people xx

  3. everything looks so tasty;)X)

  4. oh my this just makes me want to eat a whole bunch of cake! looked like so much fun :) x

  5. These cakes look soooo yummy, I need some in my life lol

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  6. The cakes looks so good!


  7. They all look yummy! Great goodie bag too :) xx

  8. this post is soooo ridiculously yummy i cant stand it!! i want all of those cakes! xxx

  9. Im so so jealous, I would have loved to have gone. It sounded so good, and your pictures just prove that it was. Those cakes are seriously cool, love the dog. xx


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