Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lets talk about body image.

I don't think I'm alone in saying loving your body is pretty tough. Especially as you are growing up, boobs appear, hair starts growing in strange places and for both men and women our bodies change shape. As you all know, I haven't always had the confidence I have now, it may not necessarily be directly my 'body image' but I've had issues with confidence due to my skin and found dealing with that very difficult. It's very misleading at times, how we 'should' look - the media can portray these 'perfect' people, that don't really exist. I wish I had had something like Body Gossip, to make me accept who I am, earlier than my twenties.

I discovered Body Gossip when my gorgeous friend Ally became an abassedor for them. I spotted they were looking for bloggers to help promote what they are all about, and as I love everything these people promote I so wanted to give a helping hand. 

Okay, so what is Body Gossip? They are 3 people with full time jobs, that voluntarily run the Body Gossip Campaign. They are also unfunded, which I find amazing - I find it difficult to find spare time and I'm only a full time student, I have no idea how they juggle jobs and a very successful campaign. The campaign is all about promoting positive body image, and loving your body. They travel around the country, into schools, colleges, universities and shops to help promote positive body image to everyone possible. I love that they go into schools cos this is the time I could have really done with a good confidence boost. They have recently been working with Curvy Kate too, the gorgeous underwear brand especially for curvier women! 

Body gossip have published a book, sharing people's stories - what they love about their bodies. And more recently have brought out some amazing t-shirts, which are due to be featured in June's Cosmo mag:

The beautiful Curvy Kate models in the Body Gossip tees
Photos pinched from Facebook and Body Gossip Website

You can buy the Tshirts for £20 here

How amazing at these logos? I love the design and the entire meaning behind them. My favourite is the 'What's so great about perfect anyway?' - this is so true. What even is perfect and who decides what perfect is? I imagine perfect would take a lot of effort to maintain and I'm pretty happy with 'imperfect' if it means I have time to enjoy my life!

I would love to make it to one of Body Gossip's events, or for them even to come to uni. You can keep up with their events on Twitter - @_Bodygossip and on Facebook just search Body Gossip. Of course their website is full of cool stuff too so go check it out if my post hasn't been enough to sway you! You can access the website here.

I hope I've made you think a little about your body confidence, and I hope these photos and the website gives you a little boost in the right direction, if you've been struggling. And remember EVERYONE is beautiful in their own way. I'd love to pinch Body Gossip's amazing idea and share something I love about my body...

I love my eyes!

What do you love about your body?

Katie xx



  1. I love this post! I dont think people blog about body image enough actually, so thank you!

    Boy In Brogues

  2. Really great post lovely, glad I've found out about this campaign!
    I've had such a battle with body confidence and image and still do. I think there is this big sterotype that curvier and bigger girls only get bullied for their size or have confidence problems. Completely wrong. I was bullied for years for being too skinny, constantly called anorexic and it made me feel horrible, I was desperate to put on more weight but it didn't matter how much weight I put on I was still skinny because of my marfans syndrome.

    Then when I found out I had scoliosis my confidence dropped dramatically, even if people say they can't notice my curve in the my spine through my clothes I can and I hardly ever feel nice in anything.

    I love the 'What's so great about being perfect anyway?' t-shirt, definitely something I'd wear, if I had £20 I'd buy it :)

    What do I love about my body?
    I like my stomach I think, its always been very flat so I've never really had any body confidence problems about that. I think everyone has to have one thing that they like about their body, even if it is something as weird as their stomach aha :)

    Amazing post lovely

  3. It would be great if body gossip went in to school's for a more affordable fee, the overly inflated price prevents many schools from taking advantage of a programme that should deeply embedded from an early age.

    Access to the programme should not be decided on whether a school is in a fortunate or unfortunate financial position but I fear for many this is the case.

    Ps: nice post Mrs A xx

  4. Aww this is such a fab post and I adore the tees, I think its such a good idea to promote good body image and especially to young girls. Every girl and guy needs to realise that they are beautiful no matter what they look like. Thanks for sharing this message needs to be spread :)

    Danielle x

    Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  5. I love the 'be you tiful' t-shirt! I'm so much happier with my body nowadays, nothings changed but i've learnt to accept it more. Still not 100% but so much better than I used to be! xx

  6. I have very little body confidence - doesn't help that my body shape and size has been so up and down over the years with being at uni, then living bk with the parents and now being in the US. I have a very hard time liking my body and I don't really know where to start with liking it. Just a personal battle I have with myself.

  7. Great post! I think at some point in life everyone lacks body confidence. I love my eyes too :) xx


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