Monday, 22 April 2013

Lavender Oil - This Works Dupe.

Lavender Oil - £1.99

If you know me, you'll know I LOVE the smell of lavender. It's so therapeutic and completely relaxes me. The hubby hates it though, but I think he might appreciate this little baby I picked up to help me (and him) sleep well. I'm sure you've all heard of This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, which is meant to be amazing. Well that is packed full of Lavender, and for a fraction of the price how could I not pick this up. Plus because it's so concentrated I won't have to use much to get that lovely soothing smell.

Lavender is renowned for helping you to relax, which is probably why so many companies use it in bubble bath. It can also help with headache and migraines which can only be a good thing. Apparently it is also good for promoting hair growth and has fantastic anti bacterial properties. 

I can't wait to try this as a pillow mist, I might even pop a bit in my bath too.

I picked this up for less than £2 in Bodycare but of course you can pick this up from Boots, but it's a little pricier at £6 - You can find it here

Have you tried Lavender Oil?

Katie xx 


  1. I also love the smell of lavender!! Using this as a pillow spray is such a good idea :) X

  2. I have the dream pillow mist from Boots in lavender and it smells gorgeous and actually helps me sleep really well!Plus it's not too expensive and last ages xx

  3. Something I have done for many years is add a few drops to the water when you wash your face, lavender is antibacterial and helpful to sensitive skin :)

  4. Love lavender, I use it to help me sleep. Apparently you can also use it in cupboards (especially where you keep clothes and bedding) as an insect repellent which I'm going to try out. Plus it makes them smell nice which is a bonus :)

  5. My husband will die when he sees it, he loves lavender!!!


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