Friday, 5 April 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Blush.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Blusher - £7.49 

When I picked up my healthy mix foundation (review here), I took advantage of Boots 3 for 2 and picked up some of my concealer and grabbed this little baby for free. I've never tried the Bourjois blushers before, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity to add to my blusher collection. Where some bloggers love lipsticks or eye shadows, my love is blusher.

I love the little pots the blushers come in, they are really cute and fit so well in my make up bag cos they are so compact. The blushes do come with a little brush, which sits snugly in the little pot, but I prefer to use my normal blusher brush, however the little one would be perfect for travelling.

The colour of this is a really light pink with coral/orange under tones. It's really subtle but perfect for my pale skin. I think for darker skin tones this would be more like a highlighter than a blusher but would still look great. This colour gives me a really natural flushed look, which is perfect for every day wear. I don't think it's quite dark enough for me to wear if I was going on a night out, but that is were my Dainty Doll blushes come in.

I really love the size of the pot and would certainly love to try some of the other colours. They are just so perfect to pop in your bag and not have to worry about getting smashed like you do with the larger pans.

Have you tried any of the Borjois blushes?

Katie xx


  1. I have tried a few of these blushes as my mum uses them but they don't have great colour pay off.


  2. I'm using a Bourjois one at the moment!
    I do like it but wouldn't wear it on a night out because the colour is a barely-there sort.. weird.

    Rosie x

  3. I've had one of these for years! Only blusher I use because it is so amazing, the colour I have is called Amber something and it is the perfect colour, really strong and I can wear it on a night out :) it lasts for ages as well whichh is amazing considering I use it every single day :) xxx

  4. I love Bourjois products. This looks really nice, definitely going to look for it xx

  5. Bourjois products are just too cute, I remember buying this a while ago and for some reason I never bought it again but I do remember it being very good!
    Fashion Ganache.

  6. I love blusher too! I've never tried one of the Bourjois ones though, I'd love to see this on you to get an idea of how the colour translates on the skin! xx

  7. I love this blusher and although the brush isn't best for everyday use it is like you said great for travelling. I like the way that it curves x

  8. I've heard Bourjois is great, but I don't know where they sell it here. It's a lovely color! xx

    Stephanie Lula

  9. This is a lovely colour! I like Boujois blushers :)

    Kimberley x

  10. great post, this looks like a really great product;)X


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