Saturday, 20 April 2013

Amazing Henna Art.

I follow a lot of people on Instagram, but one of my favourite people to follow is Mendibyshahima. This lovely lady does amazing henna designs, just like this one I had custom made!

Shahima has also started designing custom made phone cases and candles too, which I have been eyeing up. The phone cases are a tiny £8 including P&P which is pretty amazing considering they are done to order and your tastes. 

I love my picture so much, it's perfect and matches my living room really well. I got a 25x30cm canvas, which are priced at £10 including P&P - a real bargain, or you can order a much larger canvas 40x40cm for £25. Shahima was so helpful and really saw to exactly what I wanted, I would certainly recommend you take a look at her work if you are after some special!

I have Shahima's email address if anyone wants in, also go check out her Instagram!

Katie xx


  1. That is so beautiful! She is a talented lady! The price is a bargain too x

  2. This looks so pretty, and not a bad price either for it being so personal to you :)

    Becky xx

  3. Wowww that is amazing! :O xo


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