Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tiny Lush Haul.

After watching Tash's haul on Youtube (find her channel here), the other day I was desperate to try Lush's Mask of Magnaminty so as soon as I passed Lush I popped in and grabbed myself a pot. 

There is something about Lush, that entices me in and forces me to leave with at least one more product that I didn't intend on buying. This trip, it was the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar - I can't decide if I've had this bar before or I've just smelt it that many times in the store, but either way I LOVE the scent. I think the bubble bars in Lush are probably my favourite thing, mainly cos I think they are reasonably priced considering you get quite a few baths out of them - unlike the bath bombs. 

Anyway, this is beyond gorgeous. I can't get enough of the sweet 'candy' smell that actually does smell good enough to eat. Plus I love the cute flower detail on the bar. This is priced at £2.50 in Lush, which I think is pretty good considering I will get about 4-5 baths out of it.

So the thing I actually went in for was the Mask of Magnaminty - this is a face and back pack, which is what drew me to it in the video. As you all know my skin is needing a little bit of a hand sorting it's self out, so I thought this would be fab to use on my back when it gets really inflamed, to try and calm it a little. 

I've only tried this once so far, but I'm pretty impressed. You just use it the same as a face mask, but on your back to calm down any imperfections. It has a really lovely peppermint scent and is really soothing and cooling when you pop it on. It is a little difficult trying to get it on and off - obviously cos it's your back.. but apart from that I really like it. It's not going to work miracles and get rid of my acne but it certainly helped to calm the spot before bed time. 

What have you got recently from Lush?

Katie xx


  1. I love Lush!

    In love, Coeur♥

  2. Love Lush, may have to check this out!

    Becca x

  3. Oooh I might have to check this out, I get nasty marks and scars on my back and am always looking for something to help! x

  4. I've been wanting to try Mask of Magnaminty Forever now! <3 xo


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