Thursday, 21 March 2013

Things I hate about being Gluten Free.

Going 'gluten free' has a little controversy behind it. A lot of people think it makes you loose weight and you'll lead a healthier lifestyle etc. but all in all if I had the choice I certainly wouldn't be doing it. I've been gluten free for almost a year, I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance in May last year and haven't had gluten in my diet since. Well, apart from the sneaky trip to Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester, got their mini pancakes are goooood..

I don't have an allergy to gluten, as some people think. An allergy would make me come out in a rash, or swelling or something of that kind, my intolerance just makes me very nauseous and a few other unpleasant symptoms that I won't go into. Gluten literally took over my life, probably for around 9/10 years, before I was diagnosed. I suffer with IBS and my symptoms were constantly put down to this, until last year when I as FINALLY referred and it was investigated further.

I think sometimes people think I'm just on a crazy fad diet cutting gluten out, but actually the gluten free replacement products I buy are higher in fats, salts, calories than the alternative. And at times taste disgusting.

One thing I really hate about being gluten free is the price. The price of free from products is RIDICULOUS, and not being Coeliac means I don't get anything on prescription. I'm talking £3 for a mini loaf of bread, I've now mastered going to Tesco when they are reducing the fresh stuff in hope to get a loaf at a more reasonable price.

I hate not being able to grab food 'on the go'. Not many places do GF options in their meal deals. I think Boots have a few fruit salads, but to be honest that isn't going to fill me up. M&S do an AWFUL gluten free sandwich - urgh. Starbucks however do a lovely one but at the small price of £2.95 (to take out) it's not something I pick up everyday, especially since the bun is around the size of my fist.

I miss buying Krispy Kreme's from Selfridges, I miss 'proper' crumpets and pastries, and yummy deserts! Can you tell I have a sweet tooth? Although this has been the best decision I've made, I just wish sometimes I could eat whatever I want and not have to worry about the consequences. Hopefully in the future more brands will start selling GF products at a reasonable price and make them more accessible to poor students like me.

Katie xx 


  1. It's not just the gluten free people who are feeling like this, I feel exactly the same about my allergies and I've been dealing with them since childhood. It is unfair that our free from foods cost more but there is a lot more product testing and research involved and that isn't going to come cheap to manufacturers. I understand Warburtons invested in a dedicated gluten free factory, that comes at a cost. All the new products coming onto the market are gluten free and the restaurants are catering for your intolerance (e.g pizzas), sadly these don't help me being dairy & egg allergic. Speaking out in blog posts is a good way to attract attention to the issues so hopefully someone will listen to the issues you have raise and take them on board :)

  2. Yes, I fully agree. There really isn't enough product choice around. I don't think I could cope on a gluten free diet to be honest! The prices are ridiculous, supermarkets should take note and maybe start to charge reasonable prices. xxx

  3. Aww that's not nice :( good that it got diagnosed eventually but I notice there isn't enough and thank my lucky stars I can choose to eat what I want. Great writing a blog post about it! x

  4. Yeah I hear you ... I've been gluten free for so long now but haven't been officially diagnosed.

    I just don't understand how they can justify the prices of the products :(

  5. I hate not being able to eat what you want :( and the prices, I know lactose intolerance isn't as serious but honestly my diet used to pretty much consist of everything I now cant eat. It's so bad when you need to know the menu before deciding to go out for lunch etc and 1 litre of lactose free milk costs the same as 3.5 litres of cows milk its ridiculous! xxx

  6. Hi,

    This was a really interesting post as i'm pretty sure I have a gluten intolerance too. I've been diagnosed with IBS and mentinoed the intolerance to the doctors on a couple of occasions but they would rather blame ibs than actually investigate it further.

    The symptoms are really getting me down so I cut gluten out of my diet and seemed better. I recently started eating it again and i'm feeling AWFUL!

    It's so hard to be fluten freee as it is in so much more than you actually think it is! It's hard to find things to eat when you're out and about.

    Kimberley x

  7. A friend I use to work with had to go gluten free because of the agony "normal" food put her through, I remember how sad she use to be with not being able to eat cake any more. I know she's had a lot of issues at restaurants too - it's a shame because one way or another it seems to be a growing presence in the population. To be honest I don't think there's too much different in the availability of foods in the US either but it certainly does have a section in the supermarket - maybe in the UK followed the US's role of being a bit more open to GM food and the like it would open the doors for more free from food one way or the other.


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