Saturday, 16 March 2013

Slogan Tee.

Tee & Leggings - Primark

I think every man and his dog has seen these slogan tees dotted about. Of course Topshop started the trend and now Primark have jumped on the bandwagon. I couldn't resist this one, being a teen when Mean Girls came out, this made me laugh so I needed it. The quality is amazing for Primark, the shirt is really thick and soft - not your average t-shirt material. Plus this was a steal at £4, so I picked up a grey saying 'Dork' too!

Katie xx


  1. Omg I love this! I need this in my life! xx

  2. Can't beat a good slogan t-shirt! xxx

  3. I loved the geek ones but thought 'Oh this will pass, I'll just wait for it to die out.' but hold the phone, MATHLETE?! I need this in my life now.

  4. I definitely need this seeing as I almost have a maths degree haha!!! xx


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