Sunday, 17 March 2013

Origins VitaZing: FOTD.

 Origins VitaZing
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Sorry about the REALLY dry lips! 

I managed to grab my self an Origins bargain at Cheshire Oaks recently, I picked up a set with VitaZing 50ml, GinZing 10ml and Modern Friction 30ml. You all know I'm an avid fan of Modern Friction, so bought the pack really to try the other products. 

I've been eyeing up VitaZing for ages, and when I saw this set for £19.50 (which was actually cheaper than the VitaZing on it's own) I just had to grab it. I haven't got a great track record with tinted moisturisers but I'd heard such great reviews about this. 

Unfortunately, Origins don't do a foundation light enough for my complexion, so their BB creams are too dark for me too. This however adapts to your skin tone so is perfect if you have awkward skin like me. This was a bit orange as I put it on, but as I blended it looked much more subtle and is a pretty good match for my skin tone. 

Considering this is just a tinted moisturiser, I feel pretty confident wearing it. I can't actually remember the last time I bought a foundation that was just 'light' coverage, in fact I probably have never owned one less than medium coverage. Obviously, unlike an actually foundation it's pretty difficult to build up with this and it isn't going to cover all blemishes - hence the concealer. 

I'm really impressed with this product, and Origins has yet to fail me. It feels so light and is perfect for lazy Sundays. This is great to have as a a little pick-me-up too (as I'm currently suffering from a head cold - sorry about the snotty, red nose!) so this makes me feel a little perkier when I really can't be bothered to move. 

Have you tried this yet? What's your go to BB cream/tinted moisturiser?

Katie xx



  1. You and your Origins deals and bargains! I looked at their foundations and concealers but they were all too pink toned on me.

    My favourite BB cream is one from Asia called BRTC gold caviar, it's really helped heal my post acne marks and improve my skin condition overall.

    Your skin is looking amazing btw! Haven't checked your blog in a while and there is massive improvement, you look great!

  2. I loved Origins Vitazing!! Gutted I can't use it anymore, Soap & Glory Glow Job is a cruelty free alternative but it's not as good :( xx

  3. Your skin looks super healthy. This certainly works for you.


  4. your skin looks flawless!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  5. Nice blog!
    Follow me and I will follow you back!

  6. This is my favourite BB cream, I wear it if i'm going to the gym with a bit of powder so I look like I'm a little bit alive but not so done up I'll look massively done up.

    Sally x


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