Friday, 1 March 2013

Origins Facial.

 Origins Mega-Mushroom Face Mask//Samples

I've been so excited to go to my Origins free facial for weeks, and finally today was the day. When I first arrived the  lady sat me down and we discussed my skin, what I like/dislike about it and what I would like to change. I told her about the Roaccutane and the change in my skin condition from very oily to very dry and the fact I have some acne scarring and redness. After having a little chat, the consultant tried some products on my hands, to see if I like the texture of thought the product was right for me, then she picked up the items to use for my facial.

All of the products chosen for me were from the Mega-Mushroom range. I've never tried anything from this range before so I was quite excited for her to give it a go. Apparently this range is targeted to sensitive skin, and for those with some skin problems, like eczema etc. I don't have eczema but I do have flaky and sensitive skin.

The facial began with a cleanse and then a gorgeous face mask (in the photo). The face mask was left on for 5 minutes and then removed and I was toned, she used some serum and a moisturiser to finish it off. She even offered to put some foundation on for me too - but unfortunately all of the Origins foundations were far too dark for me!

I've never had a facial before, but I really enjoyed it. I felt really relaxed despite being in Debenhams. I was a little apprehensive about being plonked in the beauty department, but it was very discreet with a little screen around me.

After I was all do, the lady got me some samples of the stuff she had used to try at home, an booked me in for another consultation in 6 weeks time to see how I'm getting on with my skin.

I was really impressed with the fab customer service and the fact the facial was entirely free, with three samples and no obligation to buy anything - and you all know I love a bargain.

Have you had a facial?

Katie xx


  1. Sounds like a great little pamper. x

  2. I did this too! Sounds like you had a much better experience than me! Glad you enjoyed it :-) xx


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