Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Obsessed with face masks.

All sample size
Alpha H Liquid Gold Mask
Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Mask
REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask

Face masks, it's fair to say I'm obsessed. I literally can't get enough of them. I don't particulary care where they are from either, although I'm not a huge fan of those packed 99p face masks - you know the ones. But any mask in a tube and I'm sold. I think, including samples, I have around 9 face masks on the go at the moment. I think I have a problem.

I spotted on 'What's in my handbag' that they had a face mask sample set, so of course I needed it in my life. If you aren't familiar with the website here is the link, it's basically somewhere to try products before you buy them. I guess it's a lot like Glossybox but you don't subscribe and you get to pick what 'box' you want. There is currently a few Stila and Korres products on the go, and if you spend over £10 use WIMHLAUNCH to get £5 off. Just to clarify I haven't been asked to do this post, I just wanted to share it with you.

I don't know what it is about face masks that I love so much. It could be the feeling of relaxation when you put a mask on and sit back. I love wearing a mask in the bath for the ultimate chill out, but I'm not fussy I'll wear one any wear! I adore the feel of your skin when you take it off too. That's the difference between packet masks and higher-end masks, your skin feels completely transformed when you take off a more pricey mask. I've found in the past with the cheaper ones it takes about an hour to get it off, especially if it has a very sticky consistency - not nice. 

I haven't got round to trying these masks properly yet, but I will do reviews asap and let you all know how I've got on with them. 

Do you love face masks as much as I do? What's your favourite?

Katie xx


  1. These all sound great, I'd love to try some ren masks. My favourite are probably the fresh ones from Lush, I've just got a clay mask by Avon too which seems pretty good! xo

  2. Ah, I need to get hooked onto some face masks from the store! I mostly use homemade recipes for my face masks but I'd love if you would recommend some drugstore ones to me. Thanks :)
    Love the post & blog. Do check out mine too, xoxo

  3. I am obsessed with face masks, it ridiculous how many I own. I have tried all 3 of these and have liked them. x

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