Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lilac Blusher.

Dainty Doll Blusher in 001 - TKMaxx £1.99

Another fab find from the Dainty Doll collection, I've been so impressed with the other bargain blush I got, when I saw this in TKMaxx I practically ran to the till. I think it was meant to be part of a set, but the other items were missing so I managed to get this for less than £2. I was actually going to buy this exact blush of Amazon the night before be didn't cos the P&P was the same price as the blusher. I'm so glad I waited until I visited my favourite shop!

This is a gorgeous lilac colour with a tiny bit of silveryness (definitely not a word..), which was the thing that drew me to it. It might sound strange but for some reason really suits my skin tone. I'm assuming they had this in mind when they chose the colour - apparently lilac really suits very pale skin. 

I've been wearing it alone, and with the other blush I bought from Dainty Doll - you can find the post here. I love the purpley colour as a highlighter and the pinkier blush just to add a little flush to my cheeks. I am actually in love with this range and I'm assuming they are discontinued as Dainty Doll is appearing everywhere for next to nothing at the moment. I really need to stock up on a few more bits before they are all gone.

Have you managed to get yourself a Dainty Doll bargain yet?

Katie xx


  1. That's a brilliant price for a Dainty Doll blush. Being as pale as I am, I find Dainty Doll a fab brand that caters to that. Had no idea they were stocked at TK Maxx!

  2. I can't believe you got it for 1.99 ! What a bargain, it's gorgeous x

  3. This looks so lovely, and such a good buy for £1.99! I've seen this on another blog too but I'm a little worried it's too light for me, but I am pretty pale so hopefully I'll get to pick it up soon! xo

  4. I've got such pale skin, I really need to try Dainty Doll! This lilac colour looks lovely! Great find!


  5. I got this blusher from TKMaxx too, mine was in a set with a lipstick and an eyeshadow for £7.99 i think, bargain!

    Amy xx

  6. I also got it recently, but from the discounted stall - it is great!

  7. I've just got this today from Fragrance Direct! Can't waaait to use it, think it will suit my super pale skin!

    The Beauty Belle

  8. I bought this too going to do a haul stlye blog with my dainty doll things

  9. I got this a while ago and it's such a great colour. It's lovely as a highlighter or just by itself. x

    A Scholar Life

  10. Lovely shade gonna try this out!

    Emma x

  11. I just saw a post on Dainty Doll, the blogger bought 3 of the blushes! It must be popular :) Love the shade!


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