Wednesday, 13 March 2013

American Beauty Swap.

 A few months back, you might remember me doing a beauty swap with a girl in America. Well I was desperate to do this again, after being able to try some American products - so I got in touch with the lovely Andrea from the USA. We organised a price limit and got shopping!

I sent over some goodies from MUA and the odd other thing that aren't easily available in the US, and I received this lovely lot, which I can't wait to start trying. I love the little samples, I think this is such a fab way to try out a new product, and most are available in the UK so hopefully I can get my hands on the full-sized thing if I love them.

My favourite thing is the Lypsyl though, as you know my lips get SO dry and this is just gorgeous. I opened it as soon as the package arrive and I've fallen in love. This is something I don't think we get in the UK and it tastes exactly like Murray Mints! Yum.

I would LOVE to do another swap, with anyone/anywhere so if your interested just let me know in the comments or tweet me @katieatki.

Katie xx



  1. Great swap, I've always loved to do one! xx

  2. this is such a good idea! i would love to try the elf liquid eyeliner and sephora eyelashes!


  3. oooh going to have to try the lypsyl

  4. Great products!

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