Thursday, 28 March 2013

A letter from America.

I've written about my penpal before, but yesterday I received another letter and it made me realised how much I love writing to her. They is something wonderful about writing a letter and it travelling over 5000 miles to get to it's destination. I am so lucky to have found a lovely girly in San Francisco who I've been writing to since September 2012 (I think!), an every time I still get as excited when her letter arrives. Also, how AMAZING is her hand writing? I LOVE it. The photos are just a few of the letters I've got but I just wanted to show you the amazing things she's sent me, especially the map. I love the USA stamps too!

I hope we continue to write to each other for a long, long time. I love being able to write down what ever I want, and really feel like I know her very well, even though we've never met. It's so lovely to keep up an 'old' tradition in this world that has been taken over by technology.

Do you have a penpal? 

Katie xx


  1. I've always wanted a pen pal but have no idea where it start! xx

  2. This is adorable! I miss writing letters, I used to have a pen pal, she kind of disappeared though. I should see if she still lives at the same address and write her a belated reply!

    E x

  3. I love this idea so much, I'd love to have a penpal! <3

    Ellen xx

  4. I have a penpal too, we've been writing/emailing etc. since we were 16 and we're both now 24! He's in America and I'm in England. Isn't it brilliant? It's amazing connecting with someone so far away. Gorgeous blog by the way!!

    Clare xxx

  5. Oh ma, how I would love to have a pen-pal. How did you find yours?

  6. What a lovely thing. especially like you say, with times of technology, to still 'write'..
    I'd love a penpal, I did have a couple in America, but lost touch..

  7. This is such a lovely thing. I used to have a couple of penpals when I was younger, but we seem to have drifted apart, I have them on Facebook so we can keep up to date, but it's not the same.

    Sally x

  8. I would love a penpal!



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