Thursday, 7 March 2013

50 Free Business Cards.

After attending a few blogger events late last year, some bloggers were really well prepared with business cards to hand out so others could find their blog easily. As I am signed up to two meets in the next few months I wanted to get myself some business cards to hand out, rather than writing my blog link down for people - it's much easier and quicker to hand a little card over.

Last week, I went in search for some cheapy cards and came across They were offering 50 free business cards as a 'trial', all you have to do is pay for P&P. I paid just over £3 for shipping, which I though was pretty good considering they arrived pretty swiftish too.

I just ordered the basic cards, added my design and chose a matte finish - I think they charge for anything other than the basic matte. It only took around five minutes to do and they reached me in less than a week. They are amazing quality and I would certainly order some more when I run out!

The link for the 50 free cards is here.

Have you used Moo before?

Katie xx


  1. I love your design and the gold dust theme - hello - blog name! X

  2. Great post, thanks for the tip

  3. Thanks so much for this Katie, I'm in the process of starting up a little online shop so I've been on the look out for a decent business card company :). I've ordered my free 50 so hopefully they turn out as nicely as yours have.

  4. These look great :) Really pretty and professional looking x

  5. I wish It was for the USA but I can't find a place where I could free one as well :/
    btw, they look great !

    xx Liz

  6. These look great, really simple (I don't like OTT business cards).
    I'm surprised they don't have a bunny on ;) xx

  7. I did this but I only got 10 :( I didn't have to pay p&p though so I guess that's the difference! I can't wait to see mine, yours look great! xx


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