Saturday, 23 February 2013

Roaccutane 6 weeks in.

I'm now entering week 7 of my course of Roaccutane, so I thought I was due an update to let you know how I'm getting on. I you want to see my previous posts and hat my skin looked like beginning the medication click here or here.

This week I went back to the dermatologist, for a check up to see how I was getting on. The consultant was very happy with my progress on the medication, and has upped my dosage. I'm now taking 20mg/40mg on alternate days, this is only a small increase from 20mg daily but I should notice a difference. Reading up on the medication I saw that the dosage goes off your body weight, so I think everyone would receive different dosages depending on their own body weight.

So what have I noticed that is different with my skin? Obviously as my skin isn't producing sebum due to the Roaccutane it has become very dry. I've been tackling this with plenty of moisturiser and some good face masks. My favourite mask at the moment is Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask, which is really helping with the condition of my skin. I've also noticed cos of the dryness my make up is staying all day, without needing topping up, which is amazing. Aside from being dry, the spots I have been getting have been much different from those I used to get. Roaccutane isn't a miracle worker so I am still getting the odd pimple here and there, but when I get it I find the spot will heal, pretty much over night. This is something completely new to me, and used to suffer with spots lasting at least a week. Of course my lips are still very dry, and my trusty Carmex seems to be resolving that issue for me.

 I have found my skin bleed a lot easier too, which is certainly not a good thing. Cos the skin gets a little cracked, if I knock the dry patches when I'm washing my face I find it bleeds and need pressure to control the bleeding. I am now suffering with small nose bleeds too, I tend to wake up and blow my nose as find dried blood (ew!). The mucus in my nose has completely gone now too, so it can become quite sore when it's cold outside, as there isn't anything protecting the inside of my nose.

My back is still taking longer to clear up, however it is having the same healing time as my face. Once a spot appears it tends to go pretty quickly. I have still had a few cystic spots, under the skin but they tend to go in a few days and aren't too painful. 

A nice side effect, is a very dry scalp - meaning I don't have to wash my hair half as much. I currently wash my hair twice a week, which is unknown for me. In the past I've washed it everyday due to the oiliness of my hair, then when I discovered dry shampoo that was reduced to every other day. But at the moment I haven't even been reaching for the dry shampoo, my hair is soft and silky five days after washing. I have switched my shampoo for a kids shampoo, as it's more delicate on my flaky scalp!

Other than that, the headaches and nausea have gone, so I'm putting that down to the steroids I was taking. In my self I feel fine, all of the side effects are physical and 'on the surface' so I'm pretty happy with how the medication is going. I'm not back at the dermatologist until May now, then hopefully that is my last visit - fingers crossed.

No Make Up (and I'd just dried my hair, hence the messiness)

Just applied make up - forgot my lip balm!

After 6 hours of make up wearing!

Katie xx

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  1. Gosh these results are amazing, your skin has improved lots:) xx

  2. You're looking amazing!! Congratulations.
    Im so happy for you that the medication is going well without any of the really bad side effects :)

  3. Wow, I am so impressed with the results your having! One of my friends had issues with dry skin too (and the bleeding) when on this medication too, so I assume it is a common affect. The cold weather can't really help.

    Kate x

  4. Your results are great and I hope that they keep getting better for you.
    Its great that you have the confidence to post about this.

    Shauni x


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