Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Remington Pearl Straighteners.

This is a little random, but I wanted to share my love for my straighteners. I was straightening my hair earlier and thought these deserve a post. 

I've owned this Remington Pearl straighteners for just over a year and they are amazing. I've owned GHDs in the past but to be honest they do nothing for me. I had the pink ones, which I've heard aren't as good as the black, but I found they didn't prevent my hair from flicking out later in the day. I don't think they felt like they got as hot as these ones do either. 

My Remington straighteners get up to 230 degrees but you can set the temperature that is shown on the digital display. They literally take about 60 seconds to heat up and really don't take long to cool down. They come with a little travel case and a heat protector mat, which I've lost along the way somewhere, but it's really handy if you haven't got time to wait for them to cool. 

In the past I've felt like my straighteners were pulling my hair out but these glide through my hair and don't break it. I'm not saying they are 'good' for my hair and I certainly don't use them everyday but they are much better than other pairs that have snapped my hair. 

When I had my hair curled in Boots a few months back, the lady used the Remington Pearl Curling Wand to do my hair. I'm desperate to get my hands on it after the results she got. I tend to curl my hair with my straighteners but I think it looks much better with a curling wand - so I need that one to complete my set!

You can still pick up these straighteners from Boots here for £84.99 - which is a saving on GHD's too.

What straighteners do you have?

Katie xx



  1. I have a straighteners from Grundig in Pink =)!

    In love Coeur♥

  2. I previously owned these and I have to agree, they are brilliant, the best straighteners I've used! Although mine did break after a year because the thermostat went, gutted :-(


  3. looks lovely! great review :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  4. These look good, but I'm a ghd fan x

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  5. This looks good, but I'm just a big fan of GHD, I've tried loads of different brands but always go back to my trusty pair xoxo


  6. These sound great! I never really got on with ghd's either but these sound like a great alternative x



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