Saturday, 9 February 2013

Ones to Watch; 5.

Its been a long time since I shared my love for other blogs out there, so I've finally got round to doing another 'ones to watch' post. 

 The lovely Dan writes this blog, a mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I adore her lifestyle photos, the places she visits look amazing.

My favourite post is here.

 Firstly how amazing is Adora's name? It's so unique and lovely. I only discovered this blog a few months back, and I love the layout and design.

My favourite post is here.

Another gorgeous mix of beauty and lifestyle brought to you b the lovely Laura. Laura is currently on a spending ban, so I'm enjoying following that.

My favourite post is here.

The lovely Andrea brings us this blog all the way from the USA. I absolutely love her beauty posts and FOTD's.

My favourite post is here.

Jess is another blogger from across the pond and shares her gorgeous purchases and makes me very jealous! Jess does some fab videos too!

My favourite post is here.

What blog have you been loving lately?

Katie xx


  1. Awe! Thank you for the mention love!!!

  2. They all have such great blog layouts. Jealous!

  3. thank you for the mention, that's made my day :)

  4. Hi Katie, I wasn't familiar with any of these blogs before this post. Thank you for introducing them! :) Watercolor headers are a serious weakness of mine haha.

  5. This is a really nice idea¬ Thanks for showing me more blogs to read! I would love if you could check out mine too? Would mean a lot:)
    Amber from


  6. I love these types of posts. There are so many great blogs out there that get lost in the crowds so its nice to do a shout out once in a while! I sometimes read a blog and think wow why does this blog have so few followers its amazing, so its great to share them every once in a while! Lovely post!

    beckys makeup


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