Friday, 1 February 2013

Kindle Case.

Just a quick one to show you my new Kindle case. I've been after a new case for a while and spotted a few on Ebay but my budget just couldn't stretch to the prices of the really cute ones. But I found this little baby in Primark for £3! It was with the Ipad/Laptop cases and I just thought it was too lovely to leave behind. I love the little cross on the zip, so cute!

Katie xx


  1. Oooo I like, and such a bargain!
    I'd love a kindle, they seem so convenient.

    Charlotte xo

  2. Wow - I don't usually shop in Primark, but this looks so cute!

  3. £3 is brilliant! I've just bought a Kindle myself, can't wait to start looking at cases for it :) xoxo


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