Friday, 15 February 2013

HUGE Primark Haul.

No, I haven't come into any money, unfortunately, but I did have a final bit of Christmas money that was burning a hole in my pocket. I haven't been on a 'proper' shopping trip, when I actually have money to freely spend, for so long, so I took this week as the opportunity. I did go to other shops, but I always end up back at Primark, the clothes prices have gone up everywhere including Primark but it's still a lot cheaper and the same quality as Topshop. I actually walked in Topshop and turned back round when I realised I could get A LOT more for my money elsewhere. Anyway, I will get on with the haul - some of the stuff in the bags is the hubby's hence the reason I haven't photographed it.

Ankle Boots - £18 £10

Aztec Print Coat - £25 £10

Striped Skater Dress - £5

Lace Midi Dress - £18 £5

Bolero - £15 £5 (I loveeee the tassels)

Sheer Shirt - £11 £5

Spotted Skinny Jeans - Not sure how much originally but were reduced to £3

Bobbles - £1
Tights - £2

 I know this is random, but this is literally the softest bath mat ever.
Bath Mat - £5

Soo many bargains, I absolutely love the coat and the boots, I'm too excited to wear these.

Have you got any bargains from Primark recently?

Katie xx



  1. Great haul, love the coat! I've spent so much in Primark recently I just can't help myself x

  2. I also bought that coat in the sale the other day! It's so cute! xx

  3. I am going there for first time next month, not sure how much i have to spend yet

  4. Love the boots!

  5. Those jeans are lovely! And amazing for £3! xx

  6. You got some nice stuff. I love the boots!

    Kimberley x

  7. Can't believe how cheap things get in Primark sales, I mean £3 for jeans - completer bargains!

    Lauren x

  8. I love haul posts in general...but this one is awesome! You really got some great stuff for so cheap!!! Great shopping!

  9. £3 for those jeans!?!? AMAZING finds here!! xxx

  10. Looks like you got some great bargains!
    Love all the clothes and what amazing prices :)

  11. I LOVE that bath mat! We've had 3 now they are that damn good. And I've bought them for everyone's homes that I stay at haha. x

  12. I love those spotted jeans :) I went into Primark for the first time in ages on Thursday and I got a load of stuff and ended up spending like £60 :) Got some boots for just £3. Love a bargain! xx

  13. Some great buys and such fantastic prices! Always makes me want to go to Primark when I read primark hauls!!

    Alex xo

  14. The jeans are adorable! OX

  15. LOVE those boots and I am now going to my local primark tomorrow to see if thet have them!! Also want the coat, and basically everything!! xx

  16. I love that skater dress!

    check out my blog if you have the time?

  17. REALLY need to take myself to Primark! Maybe once baby here it will be one of our first I've read so many posts/watched so many youtube haul videos of Primark buys, so jealous.. but I cant help but read/look!lol
    Love the randomness of the bath mat.. although I am making a mental note to find one to


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