Friday, 22 February 2013

Freebies, Samples & Vouchers.

I am obsessed with saving money, and getting the best deal out there. I literally have vouchers coming out of my ears, usually for things I don't actually need (or want) but once in a while I get amazing deals. This week I've some how managed to get two freebies - they aren't beauty related but I thought this was well worth a share anyway.

I received vouchers through the post, after signing up on the internet. I got 2 free liters of Cravendale milk and 4 rolls of Cushelle free too saving me just under £5. I found these vouchers via Facebook and just signed to their websites. I've found if you just sign up with an email you don't use often the spam doesn't annoy you. These vouchers actually got sent out via the post so that's a little easier than printing off.

I've found all these offers and others from 'liking' a page called '10 ways to have more money as a student, without working'. They share all freebies, samples, vouchers etc daily so you get the best deals going. They also give you links to fab sale items like these Bare Minerals Lip Glosses - here. I have a few samples on the way to me too, some tea bags, a face mask and a perfume sample. People also comment to let you know any deals that are in magazines, like Tesco mag or lifestyle magazines - I've just downloaded some vouchers from Tesco for 50p off ice cream, what more could you want?

Just to clarify, i'm haven't been asked to write this post, I just wanted to share a great page with you all, so you can be in on the bargains too!

Do you know any fab websites/pages like this?

Katie xx

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  1. Ahh I use that page too, they're fantastic. I also managed to get a deal where I got a £20 USB stick for £3.50! Amaze-balls

    Kerys -xo

  2. brilliant! just liked that facebook page, need to save money myself. fab post xxx


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