Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Twilight Make Up Review.


Twilight Luna Lip gloss in Kindle*, Volturi Eyelid Primer*, Volturi Labyrinth Eye Shadow in Legend*

The lovely people over at Look Fantastic got in touch last week and asked if I would like to review some Twilight make up. Of course, I was more than happy to give it a go! 

I was a little skeptical at the branding before my make up arrived. Twilight isn't something I've ever been 'into' and I was worried that it would be poor quality make up with a bumped up price tag due to the branding - thankfully I can say I was VERY wrong.

The packaging and quality of this brand, is far from cheap or tacky. Look how pretty the boxes are! I even felt the need to take photos of the packaging open cos it was so pretty. This makes the brand seem very high quality and it was a major plus that it didn't have a picture of Kristen Stewart on the front! I'm really impressed with the look of the brand, it comes across very sophisticated and high end.

So lets get down to the products them selves - I was sent a lip gloss, an eyelid primer and an eye shadow. I received Twilight Luna Lip Gloss in Kindle and Volturi Labyrinth eye shadow in Legend.  I'm assuming these names link to Twilight in some way?

I, of course, applied the eyelid primer first before the shadow. This really reminds me of a lip gloss pot and I was kind of tempted to use it on my lips! It's unscented which is good for my sensitive eyes and it didn't make them sore or red in any way, which is always a plus. The primer went on really easily and dried very quickly, it didn't leave any stickiness at all which I was worried about. In fact, I couldn't even tell I'd put it on, until it held the shadow in place perfectly. 

 I think it's fair to say I struggle with eye shadows - I'm not very good at applying them and feel like a little girl raiding her mum's make up bag by the time I've finished. However, the texture of this eye shadow was completely different to any I've tried. Legend is a really gorgeous silver, very pigmented but light at the same time. I only had to do two sweeps of the smallest amount of shadow to get the look above. The shadow is a loose powdery texture, kind of like a mineral foundation, which makes it really easy to apply. A little word of warning - do this first before your face make up as the glitter likes to travel when your applying and it can get a little messy. Nothing a powder brush can't solve though.

Lastly, the Luna lip gloss in Kindle, is a really subtle gold glitter lip gloss. Despite it looking super glittery in the bottle it goes on really nicely and isn't over powering at all. This kind of smells like marshmallows - but I think the majority of lip glosses do! I was pleasantly surprised when this didn't leave me lips sticky and didn't get my hair stuck in them (you all know the lip glosses I mean!). It was a really smooth, almost moisturising finish and didn't dry out my very dry lips. I have the lip gloss on - on the final photo. 

Twilight make up is available from Look Fantastic here.

Volturi Labyrinth Eye shadows: £10* 
Eye lid primer: £10* 
Luna Lip Gloss: £16*

Katie xx



  1. Hey hey Katie! Thanks so much for following my blog..following yours back! lets be BFFs!haha!


  2. This makeup looks good. The boxes are really cute!

    Kimberley x


  3. I love the lipgloss. so nourishing and non sticky. x


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