Saturday, 5 January 2013

This Works Beauty Ball.

I was pretty disappointed the first time I got round to going to the January sales last week. I asumed cos we were away until the 29th everything had kinda gone before we got chance to have a look. But this week has been a bit more successful, I picked up a few thinks in TKMaxx which I shared with you a few days back and we've had the odd bargain here and there. 

Boots is usually the first sale I run too, I was desperate to get my hands on some Soap and Glory sale stuff, but of course, by the time I had got there (and to several other Boots' in the North West) they had all sold out. Yesterday I did manage to pick up this little baby though. 

I'm sure everyone saw the 'This Works' beauty balls this year - there we're two available, one with a shimmer balm, like this one and another with a sleep balm, I think. I've never tried this brand before, although I have always lusted after their skin care range. According to Boots website the beauty balls were originally £10 before Christmas, the website says they are still priced at £6.67 but I managed to pick this up for (not £3.33, as the sticker say) but for £2.42! I have no idea why they have such random pricing in Boots. So although I didn't get the Soap and Glory stuff I  was still happy with this.

I tried the balm out last night as lip balm and it's worked really well over night. My lips are flaky or 'crusty' (ew!)  as they usually would be, so I'm happy. The balm can also be used as a highlighter for your face and cleavage..I think I will give the cleavage thing a miss, but I will certainly be trying it on my cheeks! I'm now on the hunt for the sleep balm ball too, so I can have a full set!

Did you manage to pick up some Boots bargains?

Katie xx

P.S. Does anyone remember a few years back when Boots did 75% off a few weeks after the sale started? I''m praying they do this again, there is so much gorgeous Sanctuary stuff left that I need to get my mitts on!



  1. I got a couple of Soap&Glory sets for half price!

    I've just came across your blog and I really like it! Love your layout. If you want to check out my blog it is

    New follower.



  2. It'll be so so good if they do 75% off, great lip balm - I've got such dry lips and need a good lip balm that actually works :)

  3. Awesome deal!!! I love seeing someone get a good bargain :-)

  4. Ooh great bargain. I've managed to pick up a couple of lovely half price sets in Boots including a great Sanctuary one.

  5. Great bargain! I did a whole post on my sale bargains - x

  6. I picked this up and love it. The 75% usually happens a couple of weeks after the sale begins, It think it will be this weds or next. I work for them, so as soon as I know I will tweet about it. x

  7. They did 50% off last year but not until like mid Jan, but i literally bought everything I could! Lol. I need to get into boots though, and see what I can grab myself!

  8. I was lucky enough to bag some Soap and Glory goodies this year, but me and my Mum are both praying they do their usual 75% reductions before the sale ends!


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