Monday, 14 January 2013

Nature's Health Box.

Way back in November time I was contacted by the lovely people over at Nature's Healthbox. Nature's Healthbox is a new brand specialising in natural beauty products, free from food and supplements. They have lots of lovely veggie and vegan goodies so it's well worth a look. It kind of reminds me of Holland & Barrett.

I was sent something a little different to review - I received some free from chocolate and lasagna sheets. As you know I'm gluten intolerant so getting hold of pasta is a pain (very pricey!) so I was really excited to see some fancy gluten free lasagna sheets.

Rizopia Organic Rice Paste 375g - £3.89*
Dairy Free Chocolate 100g - £2.39 each*

I've managed to make three backed bean lasagna's out of this pack - which is pretty good value considering how big my lasagna's are! The pasta was really yummy, and super easy to use. It's actually ready to cook so you don't have to mess on cooking the pasta before layering. I've tried so many different pastas and the texture and flavour of this one is certainly one of the best I've tried, yum! Veggie or not - you need to try baked bean lasagna, I got the recipe from here

The other thing I received was free from chocolate bars from Moo Free. I have tried products from this brand before, and really enjoyed them. The chocolate is obviously gluten, wheat and dairy free, although if you were given it and didn't know I don't think you could tell. The only way I can describe the taste is, it is much like Easter egg or Advent calender chocolate (I'm sure you all know what I mean!), but nevertheless it's very tasty.

The Nature's Healthbox website is now live, you can find it here and I have some lovely discount codes for my readers:

25% off Salcura (Skin care)
15% off A.Vogel (remedies extracted from plants)
20% of Amy's Kitchen (free from food - the mac and cheese is AMAZING)

Just use the code: BLOGTASTIC2013

Let me know if you pick up anything!

Katie xx

*These products were sent to me for reviewing purposes 



  1. My Mum makes baked bean lasagne, it's delicious! I have never seen lasagne sheets with the ridges in it like that, mine are always flat sheets.

    Lindsey. x

  2. I've been making baked bean lasagne since my student days which is like a hundred years ago lol. I've an egg allergy so buy gluten free pasta as it caters for this, I normally buy Dove Farm. I haven't tried these lasagne sheets. As I'm also dairy allergic I have Moo Free. I'm not a huge fan of it but it's easy to get hold of compared to other dairy free chocolates.


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