Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Naked Shampoo.

Naked Smooth 250ml - £4.19 £3.77

Naked are a brand I'd been wanting to try for sometime, so when I saw Boots had a 10% of shampoo voucher I picked myself up a bottle of Naked Smooth Marshmallow & Aloe. A few things I love about the brand is they don't use parabens, SLS or petrochemicals and their products are 97% natural (3% preservative). And of course are cruelty free!

There were plenty of shampoos to choose from, but I went with this one as I have very straight hair, and it tends to get knotted quite easily as it's getting longer. I've been using this for a while now, as you can see I'm down to my last quarter and I'm really impressed. My hair feels really cleansed and light after I've used this product and I've been able to reduce my washing down to about twice times a week, instead of every other day.  

This also smells AMAZING, I was quite worried about the smell cos of the ingredients but it smells just like you've peeled a clementine in the shower. It's really refreshing and citrus-y, it certainly wakes you up.

The shampoos and conditioners are on sale at Boots for £4.19 or 2 or £6 at the moment! They also do a range of body washes which currently have 1/3 off!

Have you tried anything from this range?

Katie xx



  1. Marshmallow and Aloe, mmmmm! This sounds so good! xo

  2. ooo tempted, I have such a sensitive scalp and i'm allergic to just about every shampoo. but 97% natural seems like a good bet?

  3. I think I might try this after reading this post.
    Seems like a great shampoo, and with it being natural am guessing it wont weigh your hair down?

    Great post.

    Shauni x

  4. I have their clarifying shampoo and it's really great for getting rid of product build up. Love that it's mainly natural too :)

    Beauty Fiends Blog

  5. I keep wanting to try the shampoos from this range. Sounds great. x


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