Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mini Haul: Primark & Pound Shops.

On Monday I braved the snow and ventured into town. The only thing I like about the snow, it it seems to keep people in their houses, so town was really quiet. These are just a few bargains I got - if you follow me on Instagram (Katieatki) you will have already seen some of these goodies, but I thought I needed to dedicate a post to them!

First up Primark - I haven't been into Primark for a while, and I certainly haven't really ventured into the accessories. I find it's very hit or miss in there sometimes and I've been put off the last few times I've visited but I managed to find some lovely things.

Angora Blend Sock 2 pairs - £3 £1
12 Pack of AMAZING Studs - £2.50
Necklace - £4 £2
Cross Detail Belt - £2.50

Next up I took a trip to Poundworld?! I think that's the right one (it's the one with the navy/yellow sign). I managed to pick up these three candles for £2.50. I've been addicted to the Skittles candles for a few weeks and this is my 3rd or 4th one - they smell amazing and last really well. I also picked up these Star Lytes candles - this isn't a brand I've heard of but I know it's American, but I saw these are Soy wax which I'm hoping means they burn clearer. Either way they smell yummy.

Skittles Candle in Lemon Berry - £1
Star Lytes in Fresh Cherries - £1
Star Lytes in Candy Cane - £1 50p

Last up was Poundland? - the other poundshop.. I spotted these sauces. I know this is a random thing to include but I love a bargain and I wanted to share them. Although I don't eat meat this Nando's sauce sounds amazing so I'm gunna put that on a nice bit of fish (I'm Pescatarian..) and the Pizza Express sauces are going to be for some yummy pasta.

Pizza Express Arrabbiata Sauce 350g - £1
Pizza Express Pomodora Balsilico Sauce 350g - £1
Nando's Wild Herb & Garlic Piri Piri 375ml - £1
3 for £2

Have you found any bargains in pound stores?

Katie xx


  1. Thos candles are amazing, looks like you've got some great bargains xx

  2. The candles all sound amazing, as do the sauces! Great finds. xo

  3. Ooooo loving the earrings, great buys! I love the pound shop!! X


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