Thursday, 31 January 2013

Candle Wishlist.

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My house is generally resembles a church, I usually have at least 2 or 3 candles burning as well as my wax tart burner. There is nothing more relaxing than a flickering candle and a gorgeous scent floating in the air. I've been buying £1 candles from Poundland recently, and as much as I love the scent they are so tiny they only last for a few days. I had a gorgeous one from Body Shop, that I got for Christmas, it was so fresh and a really good size, I managed to get a good 20 hours burning time. Unfortunatly my bank balance hasn't allowed me to buy another, or any of the other candles I've been lusting after so I thought I would do a wishlist for when I have some pennies.

Wax Lyrical Quinoa Passion Fruit Soy Candle - I love soy candles, well any natural candle really. It's lovely to have them burn clear instead of leaving that awful black soot on the jar. I thought the scent sounded really fruity, which I love in a candle.

Busy Bee Lemon Candle - I discovered Busy Bee candles via Twitter a while back. I've never got chance to try one but I love that they are handmade in Wales. The jars are so cute too. I'm desperate to try these and their waxed tarts!

Woodwick Trilogy Spices Candle - I only discovered Woodwick this weekend, when I was back home in Collectables. I love the idea of a wooden wick instead of the usual type. Apparently this helps the candle last longer and burn more evenly - this is such a fab idea, I hate it when half the candle is left in the jar cos it hasn't burnt evenly.

Village Candle Chocolate Brownie - I discovered this brand on secret sales and actually thought it was Yankee until I looked closer. I love candles in jars and this one looks huge! And I can't think of anything better than my house smelling like Chocolate Brownie. They also do other fancy flavours that I've never come across before.

Rituals Lavender Fields - Rituals is a brand I've wanted to try for ages, I've heard amazing reviews. I love the design of this candle and the smell of lavender is just perfect. This would be such a good candle to have for a relaxing bath or just before bed time to chill you out.

Yankee Candle Black Cherry - I hate cherry flavoured sweets or other things, but I love cherries and the smell. Of course, I had to include a Yankee Candle in this wishlist - I love the jars, they fit well in any room too. I swear by Yankee waxed tarts and the hubby loves them too, but I've only every had a handful of their proper jarred candles, I think its time I got another.

I would LOVE to try other amazing candles like NEOM and Diptyque but my purse strings will not stretch that far anytime soon.

Katie xx



  1. Love the Yankee Black cherry candle!
    I just re-read your comment on one of my posts ( ) And I think I was confused and was thinking about a different picture, were you talking about the drawing?
    Sorry, I know you commented a few weeks ago, but I just thought of it again!


  2. Just got your comment, thanks btw! It was my boyfriend who did it!



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