Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bunny World.

My name is Katie and I'm a Bunny-aholic. 

I think my rabbit obsession is getting a little out of control - it all started with Peter (top left), I got him for my first ever Christmas, he turned 22 in December. Ever since that Christmas, up until I was 13 Peter slept in my  bed ever night - regardless of where I was. Now he has his own space in my bedroom as he's getting a little fragile. Anything rabbit related I HAVE to have. I think I'm making up for the fact I can't have a real rabbit in the flat we live in, perhaps my obsession will die down a little when I get a bunny or probably get worse

I'm developing quite a collection of rabbit trinkets, I think I need somewhere pretty to display them, although the hubby but quite gladly store them in the bin. 

Do you collect anything?

Katie xx


  1. What a cool thing to collect! I wish I collected something like this. I keep memories in the forms of receipts, tickets and boarding passes but nothing like this.

    My sister recently got into collection stamps and she has become obsessed with it ha!


  2. I slept with my teddy Eddy till a few years ago!!
    Your bunny's are so adorable!x

  3. No need for an BOA (bunny obsessed anonymous) introduction from me as you know too well that I am also obsessed with bunnies.
    I was going through some old things from when I was tiny the other day and I never realised how many rabbit themed items I actually had back them too.

    I love that lamp, I'd been looking for one but never managed to find one - where's it from? I probably won't be able to find one now! xx

    1. P.s when you get a bunny or two... your obsession will only get worse! xx

  4. Just found your blog and love it :)
    And this is such a cute collection! The phone case just confirms the bunny obsession ;)

    Rosie x

  5. Haha awww this is so cute! I also adore rabbits. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  6. So adorable!! My favourite is the Peter Rabbit toy :) You definitely chose the cutest thing going to collect! Really like your phone case too xxx


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