Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Boots Sale Haul.

Soap & Glory Bubble Time - £18 £4.50
Soap & Glory Wowed Mouth - £10 £2.50
Sanctuary My Spa Moments - £8 £2
Sanctuary Escape - £10 £2.50
Reed Diffuser - £10 £2.50
Minnie Mouse Bath Smoothie - £3.50 87p

Total - £59.50 £14.87

So Boots sale started today, I didn't actually realise but for some unknown reason I checked the website this morning and saw the 75% off advert. Luckily, I was in town this morning on the way to Uni and had 25 mins to kill so I popped to Boots. I got there before 9am and there was literally people fighting to get into the store. I've never been one of the first there when Boots do their second reduction, but I'm pretty happy with what I picked up. I would have LOVED to have been able to get all my presents in for birthdays and Christmas but I just literally have no where to store them. So I was pretty selfish and used my pocket money from my Granny (yes, I'm 22 and still get pocket money - you can't deny a grandparent of pleasing her grandchildren..) and bought some goodies for myself. And if the hubby reads this before he gets in - I'm not keeping the alarm clock (so if anyone wants it just give me a shout!) and the boxes will be gone when you get home! 

Did you manage to get down to Boots this morning or order anything offline?

Katie xx



  1. I went down at dinnertime and they had one battered sanctuary gift box left....
    Should have got in there quicker - you got some right bargains!

  2. You got some great bargains! I'm jealous of the Bubble Time kit. How come you don't want the alarm? x

    1. It'll keep me awake (the ticking) and it doesn't really match our stuff! x

  3. You got some amazing deals! x

  4. Aarrgh! I'm so jealous! I heard about the sale first thing this morning (and I've been waiting for it for the last week) but have been stuck in work so unable to get there, I'm going tonight but I know everything will have gone :(

  5. Boots always have some amazing deals after christmas, great finds x

  6. Great bargains! I managed to get a few bits just after Christmas, gotta love a good sale! :) xx

  7. Great finds, I love both the Soap and Glory sets! xo

  8. Great finds, I walked past Boots earlier and saw the 75% off signs but I didn't really look twice, wish I did now - to be honest though I shouldn't be spending any more money!My boyfriend could do with an alarm clock haha he's constantly using mine, don't think he'd appreciate a pink one, though you never know :P.

  9. Bargains. If I wasn't on a shopping ban I would of definitely hit this sale. x


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