Thursday, 31 January 2013

Candle Wishlist.

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My house is generally resembles a church, I usually have at least 2 or 3 candles burning as well as my wax tart burner. There is nothing more relaxing than a flickering candle and a gorgeous scent floating in the air. I've been buying £1 candles from Poundland recently, and as much as I love the scent they are so tiny they only last for a few days. I had a gorgeous one from Body Shop, that I got for Christmas, it was so fresh and a really good size, I managed to get a good 20 hours burning time. Unfortunatly my bank balance hasn't allowed me to buy another, or any of the other candles I've been lusting after so I thought I would do a wishlist for when I have some pennies.

Wax Lyrical Quinoa Passion Fruit Soy Candle - I love soy candles, well any natural candle really. It's lovely to have them burn clear instead of leaving that awful black soot on the jar. I thought the scent sounded really fruity, which I love in a candle.

Busy Bee Lemon Candle - I discovered Busy Bee candles via Twitter a while back. I've never got chance to try one but I love that they are handmade in Wales. The jars are so cute too. I'm desperate to try these and their waxed tarts!

Woodwick Trilogy Spices Candle - I only discovered Woodwick this weekend, when I was back home in Collectables. I love the idea of a wooden wick instead of the usual type. Apparently this helps the candle last longer and burn more evenly - this is such a fab idea, I hate it when half the candle is left in the jar cos it hasn't burnt evenly.

Village Candle Chocolate Brownie - I discovered this brand on secret sales and actually thought it was Yankee until I looked closer. I love candles in jars and this one looks huge! And I can't think of anything better than my house smelling like Chocolate Brownie. They also do other fancy flavours that I've never come across before.

Rituals Lavender Fields - Rituals is a brand I've wanted to try for ages, I've heard amazing reviews. I love the design of this candle and the smell of lavender is just perfect. This would be such a good candle to have for a relaxing bath or just before bed time to chill you out.

Yankee Candle Black Cherry - I hate cherry flavoured sweets or other things, but I love cherries and the smell. Of course, I had to include a Yankee Candle in this wishlist - I love the jars, they fit well in any room too. I swear by Yankee waxed tarts and the hubby loves them too, but I've only every had a handful of their proper jarred candles, I think its time I got another.

I would LOVE to try other amazing candles like NEOM and Diptyque but my purse strings will not stretch that far anytime soon.

Katie xx


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Naked Shampoo.

Naked Smooth 250ml - £4.19 £3.77

Naked are a brand I'd been wanting to try for sometime, so when I saw Boots had a 10% of shampoo voucher I picked myself up a bottle of Naked Smooth Marshmallow & Aloe. A few things I love about the brand is they don't use parabens, SLS or petrochemicals and their products are 97% natural (3% preservative). And of course are cruelty free!

There were plenty of shampoos to choose from, but I went with this one as I have very straight hair, and it tends to get knotted quite easily as it's getting longer. I've been using this for a while now, as you can see I'm down to my last quarter and I'm really impressed. My hair feels really cleansed and light after I've used this product and I've been able to reduce my washing down to about twice times a week, instead of every other day.  

This also smells AMAZING, I was quite worried about the smell cos of the ingredients but it smells just like you've peeled a clementine in the shower. It's really refreshing and citrus-y, it certainly wakes you up.

The shampoos and conditioners are on sale at Boots for £4.19 or 2 or £6 at the moment! They also do a range of body washes which currently have 1/3 off!

Have you tried anything from this range?

Katie xx


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bunny World.

My name is Katie and I'm a Bunny-aholic. 

I think my rabbit obsession is getting a little out of control - it all started with Peter (top left), I got him for my first ever Christmas, he turned 22 in December. Ever since that Christmas, up until I was 13 Peter slept in my  bed ever night - regardless of where I was. Now he has his own space in my bedroom as he's getting a little fragile. Anything rabbit related I HAVE to have. I think I'm making up for the fact I can't have a real rabbit in the flat we live in, perhaps my obsession will die down a little when I get a bunny or probably get worse

I'm developing quite a collection of rabbit trinkets, I think I need somewhere pretty to display them, although the hubby but quite gladly store them in the bin. 

Do you collect anything?

Katie xx

Monday, 28 January 2013

Origins Sample.

I finally plucked up the courage in Boots the other day, and popped to the Origins counter to ask for a sample of the Clear Improvement mask. I've been desperate to give this a go, but didn't wanna splurge £20 on something in case I either didn't like it or it didn't agree with my sensitive skin. I'm so glad I was brave enough to go and ask, the lady was so lovely and didn't try and convince me to buy anything at all - I was given my sample, she told me how to use it best and then I was on my way.

I will certainly be going back to get a few more samples of the products that are raved about in the blogging world. It's such a good way to try out a product before you buy it, cos after all nobodies skin is the same. I love that if I hate this product, it doesn't matter cos it didn't cost me a penny. I'm dying to try a good eye cream after #bbloggers chat last week, can you recommend any?

Have you got samples from Origins or any other brand?

Katie xx

P.S I'm selling a brand new, boxed 150ml bottle of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish here.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Outfit Of The Night.

H&M Shirt - £5 SALE
H&M Skirt - £5 SALE
Topshop Mary Jane's - £65 OLD
Next Bag - £7 OLD

This is my outfit from last night, I popped back to Middlesbrough for my to friends birthday's. It's been nearly 18 months since all of my friends were together so it was a really fab night, and so lovely to see everyone. Despite the rain, everyone really enjoyed themselves!

I was so excited to see the major reductions in H&M, I know the sale has been on for a while so they started to reduce things even further. As I'm short on pennies at the moment I was so excited to get the skirt and shirt for only £10. I've wanted a new white shirt for a while and this one is perfect for casual or smart/dressy wear. I love the cute gold buttons and granddad collar.

My Mary Jane's are actually the shoes I wore on my wedding day, and last night was their first trip out since!

Katie xx

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Delilah Dust Jewellery.

A few weeks back I spotted on Twitter that Delilah Dust were having a money off event, I've lusted over lots of their goodies before so I finally got round to ordering something. The silver bunny bracelet was just new in, so I was really excited to get my hands on this - of course being a bunny obsessive, this is perfect for me. It arrived yesterday and it's just the cutest thing ever - I really love how one ear is up and one is flopped down, it's so lovely!

I also was sent a little something extra, it was advertised when I ordered with the discount code that I would receive a little surprise too. I got this gorgeous feather necklace - it's delicate and feminine, it's perfect for everyday were or for a special occasion. 

These came to the grand total of £1.87, believe it or not! Delilah Dust offers free UK shipping so that makes me love them even more. You can follow on Twitter @delilahdust - look out for some more discounts or offers. There's a few more things I'm lusting after on their website too - check it out here.

Katie xx

I have in no way been asked to do this post - I am just a happy customer!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Tattoos and Piercings.

An updated version of my Tattoos and Piercings! The last time I did a post like this was way back in March last year, not a great deal has changed but I just wanted to do a video about how much my piercings hurt and to show you all what they look like, now they are all healed.


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Look what I won.

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to win these from Bourjois via Twitter. I was so excited to receive them and try them out, the healthy mix foundation is one that has been raved about for so long I needed to see what all the fuss was about. 

I absolutely love these things! The foundation is very light and I would says gives a medium coverage but is buildable. I like to just leave it as it is and build if I'm going somewhere special. I was sent the lightest colour in the foundation obviously cos I'm paler than pale - and it's the perfect shade for me. 

My other favourite in this set is the concealer (normal, not under eye) this gives amazing coverage but doesn't look patchy or heavy on you skin. I actually feel like my skin can breath with this on and isn't getting really clogged up like some concealers make you feel.

I really like the pressed powder too - I've used this everyday with the foundation and concealers and it's left my make up firmly in place and with a matte finish. The only downside is it's the tiniest bit too dark for my skin so I have to be careful not to apply too much.

Lastly, the under eye concealer - although this does it's job I wouldn't purchase this. For one I don't get drastically dark circle so don't worry too much about under eye concealers and secondly I don't like the brush concept. I know everyone love the Touche Eclait (or however you spell it) and I'm sure it's a wonder product but I would never buy it cos of that brush. I like to use my own brushes or my fingers if needs be - I just don't like the idea.

Have you been lucky lately?

Katie xx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mini Haul: Primark & Pound Shops.

On Monday I braved the snow and ventured into town. The only thing I like about the snow, it it seems to keep people in their houses, so town was really quiet. These are just a few bargains I got - if you follow me on Instagram (Katieatki) you will have already seen some of these goodies, but I thought I needed to dedicate a post to them!

First up Primark - I haven't been into Primark for a while, and I certainly haven't really ventured into the accessories. I find it's very hit or miss in there sometimes and I've been put off the last few times I've visited but I managed to find some lovely things.

Angora Blend Sock 2 pairs - £3 £1
12 Pack of AMAZING Studs - £2.50
Necklace - £4 £2
Cross Detail Belt - £2.50

Next up I took a trip to Poundworld?! I think that's the right one (it's the one with the navy/yellow sign). I managed to pick up these three candles for £2.50. I've been addicted to the Skittles candles for a few weeks and this is my 3rd or 4th one - they smell amazing and last really well. I also picked up these Star Lytes candles - this isn't a brand I've heard of but I know it's American, but I saw these are Soy wax which I'm hoping means they burn clearer. Either way they smell yummy.

Skittles Candle in Lemon Berry - £1
Star Lytes in Fresh Cherries - £1
Star Lytes in Candy Cane - £1 50p

Last up was Poundland? - the other poundshop.. I spotted these sauces. I know this is a random thing to include but I love a bargain and I wanted to share them. Although I don't eat meat this Nando's sauce sounds amazing so I'm gunna put that on a nice bit of fish (I'm Pescatarian..) and the Pizza Express sauces are going to be for some yummy pasta.

Pizza Express Arrabbiata Sauce 350g - £1
Pizza Express Pomodora Balsilico Sauce 350g - £1
Nando's Wild Herb & Garlic Piri Piri 375ml - £1
3 for £2

Have you found any bargains in pound stores?

Katie xx

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen me posting photos daily with the hashtag #tokensofaffection. I'm currently taking part in something organised by Ask Her Friends - called Tokens of Affection. You can read a little more about it here.

Basically I'm documenting anything my other half does, that is cute or special to me and our realtionship. And obviously I'm doing that by taking photos daily for 28 days - in the run up to Valentine's day. So here are my first 9 photos (top left - bottom right)

'K' - Present from Selfridges from my hubby
His & Her's Mugs
Letting me play on his iPad (I've now completed this game..)
Date Night at Ask Italian
A Good Luck card for first day at Placement
Photo he sent me
A 'picnic' in Manchester
Cute messages

If you want to see more follow me on Instagram or Twitter:

Katie xx


Monday, 21 January 2013

Roaccutane Two Weeks In.

I unbelievably excited to write this post! So as most of you will know I started my course of Roaccutane two weeks ago, I've wanted to keep a sort of diary to let you all know how I'm getting on, particularly if you have problem skin like mine! You can find the first post about my medication here.

As I said previously, I've been taking one 20mg tablet every other day, for the past two weeks. My 'weaning' period is now over, and I up my dosage to 20mg everyday from today, so I thought this was a good time to give a little update on what has been happening.

For the first five days, I didn't really see anything change or have many side effects (other than chapped lips) - however just under a week ago my back flared up, I was warned this could happen and was given steroids to take to reduce the inflammation. I came off the steroids three days ago, so hopefully my back doesn't flare up too badly again. 

The spots that I did have on my face, were very red and tender before starting the treatment. I have noticed the spots seemed to change and became a different 'texture' much softer and a lot less painful. Although there is some redness where the spots had been I haven't had any new break outs. This is actually the first time in 10 years where I haven't got out of bed and worried about how many new pimples would have appeared. My skin is a lot dryer and less oily than it was before starting the treatment, this is due to the Roaccutane prevent the production of sebum (I think that's how you spell it!) so the dryness was to be expected.

I have felt like I don't need to wear as much make up and believe it or not - I have been leaving the house without my make up bag! I know that I won't need to touch up during the day - even on a 12 hour shift.

My back is taking a little longer to clear up, although I have had very few new breakouts and the spots that were there have reduced dramatically in redness and size. My back is very dry too but nothing a little body butter won't resolve!

I've experienced a few side effects, but nothing too major. My lips, as I said are VERY sore and have bled a few times, fortunately I'm quite used to having dry lips so it isn't bothering me too much. I have been experiencing some mild nausea and stomach cramps but I think that was due to the steroids, as since I stopped taking them I haven't felt sick. The other thing is headaches, I don't tend to get headaches too often but I've had a few the last week or so, thankfully I can take some Paracetamol to sort them out! Hopefully now I'm upping the dosage my body copes well with it - but I do expect to become much dryer!

 Photos taken this morning - I have NO make up on, other than mascara!

Katie xx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Books to Read 2013.

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This post is inspired by Bloggers Bookshelf - if you've never see this blog go check it out here, but basically it's a place for lots of reviews of good and bad books from fellow bloggers. I thought I would join in with their last post and do a post of books I hop to read this year. A few have been recommended on Bloggers Bookshelf as good reads, so I'm looking forward to starting!

Is it just me? - I don't think a great deal needs to be said about this choice. Miranda is hilarious, I hope her book does her justice!

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - The film is amazing (I only saw it last week on SkyGo) and I really want to give the book a go, especially if it lives up to the film.

The Lying Game - This is part of a series of books, which I believe are also a TV show? I've read the synopsis a few times, and seen many people raving about the series, so I want to get on board and see what all the excitement is about.

Eat Pray Love - I've already started this, I'm about 1/3 of the way through and I love it. I LOVED the film but the book, I must say is better.

Last Chance Saloon - This is just from an author I love. I enjoy these types of books cos you don't have to think too much, and can just enjoy the ride.

Go Ask Alice - I feel as if I should have read this already. This is a true story about a girl addicted to drugs and basically gives a dairy of her life. Sounds very interesting.

Where Rainbows End - I read this when it first came out - a long time ago. I loved every page of this book, it's just a lovely story and makes me smile.

The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of The Window and Disappeared - This is waiting on my Kindle right now. I saw it was 20p in the Kindle store and had seen good reviews so I bought it!

Have you got any 'must read' books to recommend?

Katie xx


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Melvita Cornflower Floral Water.

Melvita Cornflower Floral Water 200ml - £6.50

Following on from yesterday's post, this was the other skincare item I picked up from Cheshire Oaks. I actually found this in the L'Occitane shop, which I could literally buy everything from. The Cheshire Oaks store stocks other animal-friendly, natural and organic brands so I managed to pick this up from Melvita. I have heard of this brand before, but only used a few testers so I was pretty excited to give this Cornflower Floral Water a go.

I've heard so many good things about floral waters, and I know many people swear by rose water, but this was a new experience for me. I've been using this as a toner, after my cleanser and it really leaves my face feeling very refreshed. It has a spray pump on the top which I've just been using cotton wool with, but I think this would work really well as a facial spray, direct onto your face too. 

This has a very strange smell to it, it's not unpleasant, but it's not pleasant either - it smells VERY natural and a bit outdoorsy. But having said that, it doesn't linger on your face and once I've moisturised I can't smell it anyway - it does do a good job at getting those very last bits of make-up off that your cleanser just hasn't managed to budge. I love getting that last bit of cotton wool and seeing it still white after you've used it!

This bottle is huge for the price too, 200ml is massive! I love that it comes in a gorgeous glass bottle too. It looks quite sophisticated and 'posh'. It's pretty heavy though so I don't think it will be joining me if I'm going travelling any distance!

You can buy the floral water online from Melvita's website here.Take a look at their 3-Honey body Scrub, that's next on my Melvita wishlist!

Katie xx


Friday, 18 January 2013

Origins: A Perfect World Collection.

Me and my lovely friends popped to Cheshire Oaks last week, I didn't really have the intention of buying anything but The Cosmetics Company always reels me in to buy some goodies. After falling in love with Origins a few months back (I know I was a late starter..) it only seemed right to invest in some more of their wonderful skin care. 

I got this set for £15, which is pretty good value considering the size of the 'trial' products. The set contains a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and a sort of serum. They are all from the 'A Perfect World' collection, which is an 'age defense' collection but it was the antioxidant cleanser and white tea extract that encouraged me to buy.

I've been using the products for about a week days now, and although that isn't too long, I thought I would share my first impressions. The Cleanser is a pearly-white colour and really thick - but not the consistency of Cleanse and Polish. A little really goes a long way, I've only been having to use about a 10p piece sized amount for my whole face, which I'm very happy about as my 30mls will last a long time! It has a really pleasant, natural smell - which you would expect from a natural product! It leaves my face feeling very fresh and clean when I've use this, particularly with my facial brush. 

My favourite product out of this set is the moisturiser. I love moisturisers anyway, but this one just seems to sink in very quickly and doesn't leave any sticky residue. I hate the feeling when you know your moisturiser is too thick for your skin type and it just sits on your skin. This is really light but does a really good job - especially when you get that awful tight feeling after you've washed.

I fear I am becoming an Origins addict - I must have more. 

Katie xx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Yes! Nurse Handcream.

Yes! Nurse Hand Cream - £5.49*

Last week I was sent a bottle of  handcream from the lovely people over at Yes! Nurse. If you've never heard of the brand before, don't worry I hadn't until a few weeks back and I got far too excited about it! Of course, this isn't just for nurses, but for everyone who's hands need a little TLC.

 As I started placement this week, I've had chance to give this little baby a whirl. I've been using my hand sanitizer and washing my hands more regularly, on placement so I have noticed them becoming dryer and chapped. I really hate that 'crunchy' feeling you get when your hands are thirsty. Thankfully this hand cream does the trick and gets them back in a good condition.

The first thing I love about this product is the cute packaging - could that be any sweeter? It is really natural looking to, but gives the feeling of good quality and thoughtfulness. The packaging is really unique and really impressed me. 

So what's in the product? Thankfully lots of lovely natural things to make your hands as soft as a baby's bum.   Here's the main ingredients: Manuka Honey, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Wheat Germ Oil, Passion Fruit Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, White Willow Bark Extract, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5. The scent is very natural, I think the almond oil and fruit oils come through the most, it's a very pleasant and soothing scent.

I was quite taken aback when I first used this, when you initially put it on it's quite sticky, but once you rub it in and let it dry for 10 seconds or so it seems to disappear and leaves you with super soft hands. The advice on the bottle is to use a small amount 3 times a day - I've been using it twice and it's still done an amazing job at keeping my hands soft. Even the hubby (who is very hard to impress) commented on how nice it was.

I love that you can subscribe monthly to the product for £4.99 a month, I can see I will be going through a lot of hand creams in my future career. But you can also buy single bottle for £5.49 for 50mls, which is a bargain, if you ask me - this is a really good quality, natural product and I would certainly recommend it.  

Katie xx

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Boots Sale Haul.

Soap & Glory Bubble Time - £18 £4.50
Soap & Glory Wowed Mouth - £10 £2.50
Sanctuary My Spa Moments - £8 £2
Sanctuary Escape - £10 £2.50
Reed Diffuser - £10 £2.50
Minnie Mouse Bath Smoothie - £3.50 87p

Total - £59.50 £14.87

So Boots sale started today, I didn't actually realise but for some unknown reason I checked the website this morning and saw the 75% off advert. Luckily, I was in town this morning on the way to Uni and had 25 mins to kill so I popped to Boots. I got there before 9am and there was literally people fighting to get into the store. I've never been one of the first there when Boots do their second reduction, but I'm pretty happy with what I picked up. I would have LOVED to have been able to get all my presents in for birthdays and Christmas but I just literally have no where to store them. So I was pretty selfish and used my pocket money from my Granny (yes, I'm 22 and still get pocket money - you can't deny a grandparent of pleasing her grandchildren..) and bought some goodies for myself. And if the hubby reads this before he gets in - I'm not keeping the alarm clock (so if anyone wants it just give me a shout!) and the boxes will be gone when you get home! 

Did you manage to get down to Boots this morning or order anything offline?

Katie xx


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Parks Candle and Reed Diffuser set.

You all know me OBSESSION with TKMaxx, well I had to show you my latest purchase. I picked up this gorgeous Parks Gift Set for a mere £7! Yep, that's right three mini candles and a reed diffuser for less then a tenner. I can't find my exact set online but the products full price range from £30 ish - so I picked up a pretty good bargain!

Parks make natural scents, so I was really excited to try these and I'm all for natural over artificial. I love that the candles are natural wax and burn clear - which is nice to know no nasties are going into the air. The reed diffuser is gorgeous - really strong, but in a really subtle, nice way. I need to go pick up more - my hubby thinks I'm sad for buying myself gift sets but I'm gunna continue. I need to control my candle obsession too. Whoops. My house now looks like a Church.

Katie xx

Monday, 14 January 2013

Nature's Health Box.

Way back in November time I was contacted by the lovely people over at Nature's Healthbox. Nature's Healthbox is a new brand specialising in natural beauty products, free from food and supplements. They have lots of lovely veggie and vegan goodies so it's well worth a look. It kind of reminds me of Holland & Barrett.

I was sent something a little different to review - I received some free from chocolate and lasagna sheets. As you know I'm gluten intolerant so getting hold of pasta is a pain (very pricey!) so I was really excited to see some fancy gluten free lasagna sheets.

Rizopia Organic Rice Paste 375g - £3.89*
Dairy Free Chocolate 100g - £2.39 each*

I've managed to make three backed bean lasagna's out of this pack - which is pretty good value considering how big my lasagna's are! The pasta was really yummy, and super easy to use. It's actually ready to cook so you don't have to mess on cooking the pasta before layering. I've tried so many different pastas and the texture and flavour of this one is certainly one of the best I've tried, yum! Veggie or not - you need to try baked bean lasagna, I got the recipe from here

The other thing I received was free from chocolate bars from Moo Free. I have tried products from this brand before, and really enjoyed them. The chocolate is obviously gluten, wheat and dairy free, although if you were given it and didn't know I don't think you could tell. The only way I can describe the taste is, it is much like Easter egg or Advent calender chocolate (I'm sure you all know what I mean!), but nevertheless it's very tasty.

The Nature's Healthbox website is now live, you can find it here and I have some lovely discount codes for my readers:

25% off Salcura (Skin care)
15% off A.Vogel (remedies extracted from plants)
20% of Amy's Kitchen (free from food - the mac and cheese is AMAZING)

Just use the code: BLOGTASTIC2013

Let me know if you pick up anything!

Katie xx

*These products were sent to me for reviewing purposes 


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Superfacialist Mask Review.

Neroli Firming Mask - Boots £10.99 £6.99

I've been after a face mask for some time - I'm a little sick of those packet masks and they work out pretty expensive if you buy them regularly. I'm desperate for an Origins mask but right now my purse strings just wont stretch that far, so after doing a little investigating I popped to Boots and picked up this one.

I was very excited to see the Una Brennan Superfacialist products were on offer (and still are) so I had to pick up this mask. Superfacialist is a brand I've heard of before, but did a little research into this product before I decided that this was the mask for me. All of the products in the range are cruelty free and are full of natural ingredients. 

There a few different masks in the range but I did pick this one up on purpose - not for the 'firming' action but the Hyaluronic Acid swayed me. I'm sure everyone has heard of why Hyaluronic Acid and the amazing things it can do for your skin - if you haven't basically it can hold up to 1000 times it's weight in water. I've heard so many good things about Hydraluron Moisture Boost, which has been all over the blogesphere the last few months. Hyaluronic Acid is they thing people have been raving about - the acid is very prominent in young skin so it is related to the elasticity of skin. However I wanted this to help my skin become less dehydrated - the acid, because of it's water retention, allows for your moisturiser to soak in better and do an even better job. I have noticed a difference in the oiliness of my skin, when wearing make up, dramatically improve even after just three tries of this mask. 

The mask does tingle a little but not in a painful way, and leaves your skin really, really soft. I love face masks at the best of times but this feels really luxurious and much more expensive than £6.99, plus you get 75ml which is a large amount for this price. I hope I can try more products from this range cos I'm really impressed. This is certainly a product to give a go if you suffer from dehydrated, but not dry skin like me.

Have you tried anything from this range?

Katie xx

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Wish, wish, wish.

Untitled #32

I haven't done a wishlist for a while, so I thought I would put together a few things that I hope to get my mitts on this year.

Blog Planner - I have printed off sheets for planning posts, but my ideas tend to come to me while I'm out and about so I don't have them handy. Most my notes end up in my phone, but I would really like somewhere to out them that is just dedicated to my blog. I have a diary but I want to keep my blog/personal and work life separate, I'm sure you all know what I mean.

Diptyque Candle - I don't specifically just want this candle, although I would LOVE it. I'm just so desperate to get one of these babies. I've heard so many good things, I know I need to feed my candle obsession buy getting one of these. I love the glass jar that this one is in too - so pretty.

Orba Goat's Milk Day Cream - I've heard so many good things about skin creams with goat's milk in. Apparently the milk helps to sooth inflammation and aids heeling, particularly with eczema and psoriasis. But I think this would be amazing for my acne on my back. Plus it's a natural product!

Body Exfoliating Brush - You know I love my facial brush, but I think it's time I invested in a body brush. Not only for exfoliation these are recommended for promoting good circulation to your skin - helping you look younger for longer!

Soap & Glory Sugar Scrub - S&G seems to be a brand that has just exploded on the blogesphere with full force and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I've heard so many good things about this scrub, along with their body butters, which I must get my hands on asap. I've have their bubble bath and shower gel in the past, which have been amazing so I have high hopes for this.

Rio Sonicleanse - Everyone knows the Clarisonic, but this is it's slightly cheaper younger sister. I've always wanted to try the Clarisonic, but I really can't justify the money. This little one is priced around £40 (if you shop around) and from the reviews I've read, does pretty much as good of a job as the Clarisonic. Man, I wish my birthday was closer.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask - I'm a big fan of this brand, and they do lots of gorgeous things but I realllllly want to try this mask. I've had this recommended a few times for my skin type, over the other masks. Apparently the charcoal clears out your pores, and gives you a lovely glow -  I need this in my life.

What are you lusting over?

Katie xx

P.S Would anyone be interested if I started offering blog advertisement packages?  

Friday, 11 January 2013

My Skincare Advice: Oily/Combo Skin.

I've been wanting to do a post on skincare advice for a while now, but haven't really felt like I am knowledgeable about every type of skin so I thought I would just do a post about my skin and a few hints and tips!

My skin type is (as you probably already know) Oily/Combination and acne prone. I have large open pores, which unfortunately means I tend to get them clogged up and blackheads take over - not nice. So that's my skin - but what do I do about it? I'm not claiming here to be any sort of expert and I don't have ANY training in skin care, but this is just what I've picked up over the years. 

1) Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

I think moisturising can be over looked with oily skin, possibly cos people don't think they need any more 'oil' in their skin and it isn't dry, so they skip this step. I am an example of this, I didn't realise the importance of moisturing my thirsty skin until around a year or so ago - I went a whole 20 years without moisturising regularly - bad Katie. However, since I've started a good routine and moisturise everyday - morning and night, my oiliness has dramatically improved. 

Your skin is producing excess oil - the more you skin moisturisng the thirstier it gets, meaning more and more oil is being produced to compensate. Not good. Oil skin can still be dehydrated, just because it's not dry and flaky doesn't mean you can skip this step!

If you can only afford to splurge on one luxury item for your skin care routine, moisturiser is the thing to go for. One more thing, make sure you have a moisturiser suited to your skin type - there is no point in layering the thickest of thick moisturiser on oily skin - it will only clog up your pores more. Look for a light moisturiser or one that is tailored for oily/combo skin - especially during the day, no one wants their make up to slide off.

I recommend:

Liz Earle Skin Repail in Light (combo/oily)
Korres Quercetin & Oak Day Cream/Night Cream

2) Take your time

Lets face it, in the UK we rush EVERYTHING - from eating meals to getting ready. I don't know about you but I think we should take a leaf out of the Europeans' books and just slow down a little.  Okay, I know it's not always possible when your running late for work but on an evening what's stopping you from taking your make up off slowly and really pampering your skin? 

On an evening I use a dreaded face wipe (I know) to take off my make up, before cleansing. That way I know by the time I've finished my routine, every scrap of make up will be off. I then cleanse, and use a flower water to remove any left over cleanser/make up and tone. Then of course I moisturise.

I find popping a face mask on whilst I'm getting ready on a morning, is fab. It doesn't waste time and by the time it's dried you've got your clothes on and have sorted your hair. I had mask on this morning while I dried my hair, it leaves me feeling lovely and fresh - a good start to the day and a good base for make up time.

I recommend:

Melvita Cornflower Floral Water

Una Brennan Super Facialist Neroli Mask 
(This is on offer in Boots at the moment!)

3) If it stings don't use it

I put this in, because some products do sting. And in my experience that isn't a good thing (unless of course, there is a warning on the bottle). When I was around 14, I had an incident with a bottle of Neutrogena cleanser. The cleanser really stung when I used it, but I didn't think anything of it - as it was recommended for spot-prone skin. The following morning I had a swollen, red, blotchy and VERY itcyh and sore face. Since then, this product has been discontinued, but I was very naive at the time and couldn't have predicted what was going to happen.

Not every product that has worked wonders on someone else, will work on you. We are all different and so is our skin. Find what your skin likes and go with that.

4) Have a spare, clean towel

I have a spare towel JUST for my face. I don't know if there is any scientific evidence that this is a good idea. But after I've dried my bits and bobs the last thing I want to do is put that wet, dirty towel all over my face. In fact, you don't need an entire towel, I usually use a dry flannel that is only for that purpose that way I'm not spreading germs all over my face after I've cleaned it.

5) If you can, go natural

Lastly, I love natural products and so does my skin. It's even better if they are organic too. Your skin is natural - so it makes sense for your skin care and anything you put on it, to be too. There are tons of places really pushing the 'natural' products at the moment, which is great to see. My advice is to go to TKMaxx, they stock weird and wonderful brands from all over the world. I picked up a serum from an Australian brand for next to nothing, that is completely natural and cruelty free, it's certainly a good place to start. Especially if you are looking for something a little cheaper. Holland & Barrett do a good range too.

I recommend:

Burt's Bees 

Don't forget I'm not an expert and these things work for ME, I'm not claiming they will work for everyone or anyone else, but I just wanted to share my opinion and advice.

Have you got any advice to share?

Katie xx


Thursday, 10 January 2013

M&S love.

I don't know if I'm just getting old or has Marks and Spencer upped their game recently? I'm not talking clothes wise (although I did spot a jumper in there a month or so back, but shh) but there beauty department is certainly expanding. In fact, I've seen a few bloggers post about their M&S having a refurb and they have created a new dedicated beauty section. Unfortunately my M&S is pretty tiny compared to most but I'm hoping Manchester gets a beauty hall asap. A week or so ago I popped in the M&S next to Cheshire Oaks, it's an 'eco store' - I'm not sure what it 'eco' about it, but it is HUGE. They have a fab beauty dept too but I didn't want to drag a hungry husband around it so I didn't get chance to look.

After tweeting (@katieatki) the other day asking for some good body butter recommendations, I got a reply suggesting M&S. I'll be honest I didn't think I would have any luck in our pokey store but nevertheless I went along to have a look. And I am very glad I did! Although we didn't have a massive selection of different brands, which I have noticed starting to creep in Marks and Sparks, there was a lovely selection of their own brand stuff. Along with everything else I've bought from them, I expected good quality and value for money, and that is exactly what I got.

Body Cream - £2.50
Shower Gel - £1 (usually £2)

Firstly, how pretty is the packaging? I was immediately drawn to the loveliness. This is M&S' own brand and comes in a ton of different scents - I particularly like this one and a Fig one, which I will be getting me hands on soon. But I settled for Lemon cos it's so refreshing and invigorating, especially when I'm feeling sluggish on a dark morning. 

I won't bore you too much about the shower gel, a) cos I haven't used up my AMAZING Original Source scrub yet and b) because it's shower gel - it does what it says on the bottle (hopefully).

But the cream is beautiful! I opened the pot in the store to get a good whiff and it smells like heaven. I love citrus anything really, I currently have lemon yogurts in the fridge and a lemon cake on my coffee table. There is just something really pleasant about lemon that makes me smile. The cream is really thick, as you can see from the photos, and not at all watery. In fact, it's a good job I don't keep this in the fridge cos it could quite easily be confused for my Greek yoggy.  

M&S also had a variety of other things in the scent, like deodorant and bubble bath, which I will certainly be picking up when I run out. The price of these products was really reasonable, if not cheap and they were on offer for buy one, get one half price, hence the cheap shower gel. The cream and shower gel are both really big for the price, the cream being 200ml and the gel 250ml. And the best thing is Marks and Spencer own brand beauty products, including cosmetics are all BUAV approved - happy bunnies!

Has your M&S had a re-vamp or got some new goodies in?

Katie xx

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