Wednesday, 5 December 2012

USA Make Up Swap.

I'm really excited to do this post, a month or so back I was tweeted by a lovely girl from New York. She asked me if I'd like to do a make-up swap with her - of course I jumped at the chance! After deciding on a £10-£15 budget I got shopping. I posted her goodies last week and I received mine on Monday. So here is what I was sent all the way from the USA.

Burts Bees Lip Balm Grapefruit - I love Burts Bees as a brand, and although you can get a lot of products in the UK, I've never seen this particular flavour. The actual balm is clear and leaves a very subtle sheen and tastes/smells delicious! I love this lip balm - perfect for this chilly weather too.

Hard Candy Mascara - Hard Candy if I correct is from Walmart? I think. This has a lovely brush, really thick. I've been using this alongside my MUA Every Lash mascara to get a good build up and to make my lashes super black. I love that this doesn't come off during the day either and stays put til bedtime.

Hard Candy Eye Shadow Palette in Top Ten Collection - I'm am soooo excited about trying this. I've never been too big on the whole eye shadow thing but I think this is a great chance to get on board with the smokey eye look. I will be borrowing YouTube for some tutorials so if you can recommend any that would be fab. I'm especially excited to experiment now I have a primer and 'proper' brush too. The colours are really neutral and fresh this kind of reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked palette.

Elf Blusher - Sorry I have no idea what colour this is. It is however a gorgeous rose pink with lots of gold shimmer. I think it's perfect for a dual purpose highlighter and blusher and actually really suits the paleness of my skin. I've been using this since Monday and it gives me a perfect winter glow.

Elf Eye Shadow Primer and Eye Shadow Brush - Again I'm super excited to try these out alongside my new palette, I tested the primer on my hand yesterday and it goes on really well and dries in seconds. I assume this is the same as the one you can get from Elf's website? I've never actually purchased anything from them so I will be very interested to see how their products work for me.

I really loved doing this swap and if any of you readers from outside the UK fancy a swap in the New Year let me know!

Katie xx



  1. Oh lovely, I did a swap a wee while ago it was so fun! MIld panic when the one I sent her didn't arrive on time ahah but it ended up they arrived on same day :D xx

  2. Ive never done a swap with anyone but it looks like so much fun! Its like opening a surprise present at Christmas!


  3. This is such a good idea,all this stuff looks great! :) xx

  4. I'm glad everything got their in one piece ;)

  5. such great products. I think swaps are so good, you get try products you would never get the chance too. x

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  7. The hard candy palette looks beautiful! I love the selection of make up available in the USA so much more choice than over here!! x

  8. These products look amazing!

    Kimberley x



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