Monday, 17 December 2012

TKMaxx Finds.

TKMaxx is lethal. I LITERALLY could buy everything from their beauty and candle department. I popped in on the way past, with absolutely no intention of buying anything - and some how left with these two goodies.

It's actually the first time I've spotted either of these brands in TKMaxx, and I was so excited to see them both that I HAD to buy them. Thankfully my Granny pops £20 'pocket money' in my account every month (yes I know I'm 22!) so technically she kindly bought me them! 

Okay, so I picked up Korres Thyme Honey 24-hour moisturising face cream for a whole £7.99! This is priced at £19 on ASOS so I was really excited to spot this gem. I've heard a lot of good things about Korres lip care and their wild-rose moisturising cream, so I have high expectation for this. I'm going to use this as a night cream as it had a really nice thick consistency to hydrate my skin through the night. I think it may be a little too heavy for under my make-up.

My second bargain was a super bargain - Origins Modern Friction for £10, yes you heard that correctly. I found this in the reduced part, the RRP being £31, then TKMaxx price was £19 then reduced to £10. I actually did a double take then literally grabbed it off the shelf. The only reason I could see it being reduced was the box was slightly damaged but the product itself is perfect. I assume it ended in TKMaxx due to Origins changing the packaging, I think this is now available in a tube rather than a pot. This is my first Origins product, I've heard so much about the brand I hope this lives up to the hype.

I've used both these products this evening but will be doing separate reviews when I've given them a good go. Amazing finds - I will be on the hunt for some more.

Have you got anything from TKMaxx recently?

Katie xx


  1. I never seem to find anything good in to maxx maybe mines badly stocked ? Pop over to my blog sometime xxx

  2. great finds! I got some nail polishes there a while ago, a set of about 5 nails inc polishes for £10, not too shabby!

  3. Origins at TKMaxx? Are you friggin kidding me, I've never been to TKMaxx, is it that good?

  4. I also can spend hours on tk maxx beauty department !! it feels like digging through a treasure box! lol

  5. You did well, I haven't been for a rummage in TK for ages because of all the crazy Christmas shoppers :)

  6. Origins!! That is amazingggg :o they had bumble&bumble shampoo and conditioner in mine the other day, and Bobbi brown! But rubbish colours :( x

  7. Wow, I never find anything like this in my TK Maxx, I'm slightly jealous haha x

  8. brilliant bargains. I love TK Maxx. x

  9. These are amazing bargains! I love the Origins scrubs! Xx

  10. What an amazing set of finds! I love Korres as a brand, and modern friction is a great scrub - the only downside in my opinion is the price as I'm not sure its worth £31 but you've avoided that one!

  11. Oh god, I'd love to get these products xxx


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