Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Time to de-stress.

Okay you may be thinking why have I got a Buddhism book?! Well a few weeks back I was discussing Buddhism (long story) with my IT trainer, he told me a few stories about Buddhism as he attended a temple. The stories he told me really fascinated me - as far as I'm aware Buddhism isn't actually classed as a 'religion' as such but more a 'way of life' and the stuff he told me wasn't preachy but stories about day to day life. The point of some Buddhist teachings I feel is to help you put things into perspective and live your life in a positive and morally right way.

So I bought this book to read up a little more - I'm not say I've converted to Buddhism and I don't belong to any religion, however I think reading further into Buddhism may help me in my life. Anyone that knows me will agree with the fact that I worry about ANYTHING - literally the most ridiculous things, and although I know they are ridiculous I still become anxious and upset. I take far too many things to heart and I think following some Buddhist teachings may help me to let go of the things that really don't matter in life and to help me move on.

I read a little on Buddhist beliefs towards animals and animal welfare and I completely agreed with it. So if nothing else I know that I follow some of Buddha's teachings. As Buddhist believe you can be re-incarnated as anything living from a blade of grass to another human, they therefore believe everything living should be treated well and with respect. This fits strongly with my cruelty free beauty products and my feelings towards animal testing.

I would really like to take up some relaxing exercise too. Maybe Yoga or Pilates again to de-stress myself. I'm not sure I have the patience for meditation though.

I hope this wasn't too weird or preachy or anything. I like to share everything in my life with you lot! 

Katie xx 


  1. Aw this is cool, I've always been interested in the ideas behind Buddhism as it seems such a nice way of life! xx

  2. I would love to know how you get on with the book. My dad is really into Buddhism and when ever I'm having a bad time with my anxiety, he always had wise words to say that relate to it. xx

  3. I have to admit, Buddhism's something I've always been interested in - I'm always buying books on Buddhism and Hinduism, as they're quite strongly tied into yoga and meditation, which are two of the things I rely on most in the world, so it's really interesting to read your take on it xx

  4. Hi dear!
    I love ur style!
    such a wonderful blog


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