Sunday, 9 December 2012

Spiced Apple Candle - NEOM Dupe?

Today marks four years of me and the hubby being together. Although it isn't technically our 'anniversary' we always celebrate. This year we decided to by gifts on a £10 budget - mainly cos we aren't doing Christmas gifts as we are in Berlin. 

I got him a few bits and bobs, mainly food based - I know the way to a man's heart! And he got me this gorgeous candle and a beautiful Christmas decoration.

I spotted this candle in a really cute shop in Chester. It literally smells AMAZING I could smell it whilst taking these photos - yum. It kinda reminds me of apple strudel - really sweet and apply but with a hint of cinnamon and clove. Very, very Christmassy. 

This was priced at £3.95 which is an amazing price for a candle, especially for the quality of this one. The candle is made from plant wax, with natural and organic oils, which makes it even more special and eco-friendly. Hopefully that means it'll burn clear rather than that awful black smoke you get from synthetic waxes. I love the cute little tin it comes in - hopefully that'll help the scent last longer too! Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure NEOM candles use a similar wax to prevent any toxins or harmful fumes. And you certainly can't buy a NEOM for £3.95. 

I've managed to track down the companies website - Heaven Scent Incense LTD. Unfortunately you can't buy from them - but this website has some of their stock for sale - here.

Katie xx



  1. Happy 4th anniversary together :)

    I lurveee candles espically anything with a hint of xmas and what a fab price, deffo one to look out for.

    thanks for sharing ,enjoy your day

    clair x

  2. I have a huge thing for candles and it gets worse in winter, this one sounds lovely :)

    Happy Anniversary!


  3. this sounds really good. i've had a couple of neom ones but to be honest i find them way overpowering and don't get the hype, i am a HUGE fan of folklore candles which i really really recommend and they are hella cheaper than neom! this loos great though

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    This candle looks lush!

    Your latest follower, please check out my blog xx


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