Sunday, 30 December 2012

German Beauty Haul.

This feels so weird, having no written a 'proper' post in over a week. Anyway, I of course got some goodies in Berlin that I must share with you. I mainly picked up beauty products, but did grab some foodie bits too but I won't bore you too much with those.

I discovered two main 'drugstores' DM and Rossmann which I believe are both European and are available in other countries other than Germany. I would say DM was more Superdrug-esk and Rossmann was more like Boots. We were really impressed with the price of things in Berlin in general, I didn't pay more than 3 Euros for most beauty products which is pretty good going. 

Balea Face Masks - 89 Cents Each. Balea is DM's own brand of beaut products and for the price are really amazing quality. You actually get two masks in each of these packets for well under £1 each they are much cheaper than the UK!

Orange Bath Salts - approx 1 Euro, again these were from DM. You get a really big pack, I used about a 1/5 of it last night and they smell so good. 
Cranberry Choc body lotion - around 4 Euros - I think! Me and the hubby decided to buy Christmas presents when we got to Berlin and he got me this, as well as other goodies. This smells good enough to eat!

Nail Care oil, Base and Care coat and Cuticle gel with honey - These were probably the best deals I got, most of the nail care was really cheap in DM. These were priced between 2 and 3 Euros each which is extremely good for nail care products. I can't wait to try the cuticle gel!

Blusher and Highlighter - these again were less than 3 Euros. The blusher had 20% off in the sale in Rossmann and the highlighter was reduced to 2 Euros. I haven't got round to trying the blush yet, but the highlighter is perfect and really subtle.

Blush Brush - I paid a whole 3 Euros for this! It's a vegan brush with the softest bristles ever. I wish I had picked up some more of these after I used it this morning. I has a really thin head so is great for contouring blusher and bronzer.

Kiko Stippling Brush - This was another Christmas pressie of the hubby. I think they were around 10 Euros so this is my most expensive haul item. This is really good quality and is perfect for that airbrushed look.

Kiki Skin Evolution Foundation - This was 3,90 Euro's which is very cheap for a foundation! It was in the sale (I have no idea how much it was originally) - I don't tend to randomly pick up foundations but this was the perfect colour for my VERY pale yellowy skin.

 Honey Gold Cream - This was actually from one of the Christmas markets for about 7 Euros for 100ml. It's really thick and kind of sudacream- like but with a honey scent. It's lovely for popping on my very dry hands from the wind and rain!

Balea Shampoo and Hair Mask - The shampoo was 85 Cents and the hair mask was 1,95 Euros. We didn't take many toiletries with us and ended up having a bit of a drugstore spree when we arrived. We loved the shampoo so much I had to get bring some home. I wish we'd picked up some more of these too!

Yankee Tarts - I know these are boring and available here, but they were reduced to 90 Cents each so we bought four!

I'm sure I will get round to reviewing these products individually when I've had chance to try them out. Have you found any gems from around the world?

Katie xx


  1. You picked up so many good pieces for really cheap prices! You should definitely do a review on the brushes as they sound really good :) xo

  2. I am obsessed with Yankee Candle was tarts at the moment! Winter wonderland smells so good! Great haul!
    Ellie -
    I recently re-vamped my blog, check it out if you like? x

  3. Hi Katie, I just wanted to say THANKS for the nice things you wrote on my blog!! I was so happy to read your comment. Your blog is lovely too! Happy new year.

  4. I have recently moved to Austria and DM is here, I love it!! Got a really nice salt scrub for about €3, there is also bipa which i'm not sure if they have in Germany? But think that is owned by the same company as Superdrug as is very similar xx

  5. The Cranberry Chocolate lotion seems so delicious! xx

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