Saturday, 1 December 2012

Daisy Street Bloggers Christmas Party.

On Thursday night I attended the Daisy Street Bloggers Christmas Party in Manchester. I was really excited as there were some major bloggers there - its so strange recognising people, they kind of feel like celebrities! The part was held in the Northern Quarter which was a maze to find, but it was fab once we got there.

My outfit (apologies for the changing room photo!)

Velvet love//Daisy//Pretty Cupcakes//Christmas gold//My message//Baubles//Lots of goody bags

 They had lots of Christmassy outfits, and we got to out a tag on the outfit we would most like to review! It was lovely to see some of the girls I meet on Tuesday again and see some new faces. It's fab having events in Manchester and the North instead of London as it's expensive to get there! Hopefully I will get the chance to go to another event soon!

Thanks Daisy Street for organising this one! Check out their website here.

Katie xx



  1. :) your photo in the changing rooms, that made me laugh!!!! we will def have to go on a nandos date soon xxx

  2. Looks like a great event, and I love your outfit Katie :-)

    Vanessa x

  3. Addicted to all that sparkles and shines- I love those tops! Fantastic.



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