Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year's Resolutions.

I feel I need to jump on the band wagon with New Year's resolutions. I've not really made resolutions ever to be honest, not because I don't think they are a good idea (if they are realistic) but just because I haven't felt the need to. Now I'm getting older, I sound about 75, I realise how quickly a year actually goes and how much you can do to influence your life in such a short period of time. And as much as people say this a lot - you only live once and I plan to give this life a pretty good go. 

I'm hoping that my resolutions are realistic and I can at least achieve one or two. My hubby quite rightly pointed out yesterday that people fail at resolutions as they try to cram them all into January and fail miserably by March - surely a New Year's resolution just means you need to have achieved what you set out to do by the 31st December that year? Anyway, these are my resolutions for 2013.

1. Take up Yoga - This is something I've wanted to do for some time, but always put it off probably due to laziness. But this year I'm going to actually find a class and go, and not moan and make excuses. I don't particularly want to become flexible and be able to get my leg over the top of my head - I just want to learn how to relax and empty my mind. My Buddhism book is also helping with this.

2. Start running again - I've been pretty lazy again, I stopped running regularly about 6 months ago and since have slowly decreased my exercise. I won't bore you with the details but running really helps my Asthma so it's pretty important. Again, this isn't cos I want to loose weight or become a 'new me' it's just something I used to enjoy and gave up for no real reason. I'm hoping to run the Manchester 10k again this year and have my Dad pestering me about the Great North Run - one step at a time I think!

3. Go with my gut - I have an awful habit of worrying and being painfully indecisive, purely cos I'm terrified of offending someone. I really want to just try saying 'no' more if I really don't agree with something/don't want to do something. I am getting better but I think a little more faith in my instinct is needed - I really don't want to get to 99 and think of all the things I wished I had/hadn't done.

4. Say 'Yes' more - I know this is kinda the opposite to what I just wrote but sometimes it's the best feeling ever when you do something out of your comfort zone. I feel very anxious when I don't feel prepared for an event or activity, but I really need to get out of this frame of mind especially in the profession I am in.

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Hope everyone has an amazing 2013 - but here's to 2012 you've been a good one.

Happy New Year!

Katie xx


Sunday, 30 December 2012

German Beauty Haul.

This feels so weird, having no written a 'proper' post in over a week. Anyway, I of course got some goodies in Berlin that I must share with you. I mainly picked up beauty products, but did grab some foodie bits too but I won't bore you too much with those.

I discovered two main 'drugstores' DM and Rossmann which I believe are both European and are available in other countries other than Germany. I would say DM was more Superdrug-esk and Rossmann was more like Boots. We were really impressed with the price of things in Berlin in general, I didn't pay more than 3 Euros for most beauty products which is pretty good going. 

Balea Face Masks - 89 Cents Each. Balea is DM's own brand of beaut products and for the price are really amazing quality. You actually get two masks in each of these packets for well under £1 each they are much cheaper than the UK!

Orange Bath Salts - approx 1 Euro, again these were from DM. You get a really big pack, I used about a 1/5 of it last night and they smell so good. 
Cranberry Choc body lotion - around 4 Euros - I think! Me and the hubby decided to buy Christmas presents when we got to Berlin and he got me this, as well as other goodies. This smells good enough to eat!

Nail Care oil, Base and Care coat and Cuticle gel with honey - These were probably the best deals I got, most of the nail care was really cheap in DM. These were priced between 2 and 3 Euros each which is extremely good for nail care products. I can't wait to try the cuticle gel!

Blusher and Highlighter - these again were less than 3 Euros. The blusher had 20% off in the sale in Rossmann and the highlighter was reduced to 2 Euros. I haven't got round to trying the blush yet, but the highlighter is perfect and really subtle.

Blush Brush - I paid a whole 3 Euros for this! It's a vegan brush with the softest bristles ever. I wish I had picked up some more of these after I used it this morning. I has a really thin head so is great for contouring blusher and bronzer.

Kiko Stippling Brush - This was another Christmas pressie of the hubby. I think they were around 10 Euros so this is my most expensive haul item. This is really good quality and is perfect for that airbrushed look.

Kiki Skin Evolution Foundation - This was 3,90 Euro's which is very cheap for a foundation! It was in the sale (I have no idea how much it was originally) - I don't tend to randomly pick up foundations but this was the perfect colour for my VERY pale yellowy skin.

 Honey Gold Cream - This was actually from one of the Christmas markets for about 7 Euros for 100ml. It's really thick and kind of sudacream- like but with a honey scent. It's lovely for popping on my very dry hands from the wind and rain!

Balea Shampoo and Hair Mask - The shampoo was 85 Cents and the hair mask was 1,95 Euros. We didn't take many toiletries with us and ended up having a bit of a drugstore spree when we arrived. We loved the shampoo so much I had to get bring some home. I wish we'd picked up some more of these too!

Yankee Tarts - I know these are boring and available here, but they were reduced to 90 Cents each so we bought four!

I'm sure I will get round to reviewing these products individually when I've had chance to try them out. Have you found any gems from around the world?

Katie xx

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Holiday Photos.

I had an amazing Christmas in Berlin, I hope you all had a fabulous time too. I'm exhausted so I will just leave you with a selection of holiday photos.

I think it's fair to say no one does Christmas like the Germans.

Katie xx

Friday, 28 December 2012

Butterfly Twists.

I won another competition a few weeks back - held by the lovely Holly on Twitter. The prize was a pair of Butterfly Twists Ballet Pumps of your choice. I hadn't heard of the brand until recently but I've been seeing it pop up all over the blogesphere since I won the shoes. There was a good mix of designs to choose from and I picked Elizabeth III in Black.

Aren't they cute? I love the studding detail on them. They are so light and perfect for travelling - although I don't think they will be rain proof so aren't with me in Berlin. They are really comfy and kind of feel like slippers, I will be using them as slippers until the weather gets a bit drier and warmer! I love them.

Katie xx

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Purely Natural: One for all moisturiser.

I was contacted by the lovely people over at Purely Natural asking if I would like to try one of their products to review. Of course I was really excited to give this brand a go - you all know how much I love natural and organic products and especially hand made and cruelty free ones. I was allowed to pick something from the website to review so I picked the '1 for all moisturiser'.

Firstly this smells amazing. Really lavendery and soothing. I love the consistency of this cream, I would describe it as somewhere between a moisturiser and Vaseline. 

I've been using this as a hand and body cream  although it an be used on your face too. It's suitable for all skin types hence the name! My hands have been unbelieveably dry due to the weather at the minute but this seems to really help with the dryness and add some life into my skin. Despite it being quite thick the moisturiser sinks in really fast - the amount I have on my hand (picutred above) was enough to cover one and a bit of my hands which to me is fab. I can see this lasting a long time.

A 50ml tub is £9.95 which I think is very reasonable for a hand made, natural product. I'm going to try applying to my chest area to see if it helps with my skin condition but even just as a hand cream I would certainly pick up another pot of this.

The company does a wide range of skin care products and specialises in different skin types. I'm really impressed with this product and can't wait to see what Purely Natural have instore for the future.

Have you tried any of Purely Natural products?

Katie xx

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I got a onesie - hence the sheep.

Have a fab day!

Katie xx

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Party Dress.

Although I left Pets at Home in September, I've still kept in touch and was really excited to join the Christmas party. We popped to World Buffet King (is that what it's called?) in Manchester hen finished the night in the Printworks. I was sensible and drove but broke my gluten free thing and felt like I was hungover for several days after - trust me no sticky toffee pudding is worth that feeling! 

At the time I was on the last day of my spending ban and therefore panicking about what to wear. But all was saved when the lovely people from Daisy Street sent me a dress for attending their Christmas party. We all got to choose an item we would like to review, I picked a nice Christmassy dress on purpose and voila it arrived just in time.

Dress - c/o Daisystreet
Tights - Primark
Bag - Primark
Boots - New Look

How was your work Christmas party?

Katie xx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Handmade Gifts.

How talented is my beautiful friend Ally? She made me this gorgeous hand stitched card and knitted me a mini-nurse for Christmas! 

 Thank You!

Katie xx

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Bloggers Secret Santa.

Back in November I was lucky enough to win Emma's giveaway, which was a secret santa pressie! I have had to cheat a little, and had to open my Christmas pressies before going away to Berlin. I was so excited when I saw the packaging, and Emma had really thought about the gift and it was perfect! 

So what did I get? 

Snowman bath bar from Lush//Bell heart//Heart tree decoration//Tea light lantern//Models Own varnish//necklace//vintage scarf.

Also how cute are Emma's hand made cards? I love the little buttons for baubles! I absolutely adore the hearts. In fact they will be staying up all year round! The vintage scarf has made it's way to Germany with me too! 

Not only did I get this pressie, but I also got another Secret Santa from a different blogger that was involved. Although I'm not supposed to know the blogger she cheated a little and popped her Twitter name on my present - so Thank You @delarosedreams!

Did you take part in Secret Santa this year?

Katie xx


Friday, 21 December 2012

Pre-Holiday Haul.

Today was the first time I actually have been clothes shopping since my spending ban was over. I was very good too, I only picked up a few last minute things for Berlin. Primark was really on form today, there are so many gorgeous things in at the moment but I had to be practical and only got wintery things and a few vests.

Grey Jeggings - £7
Rose Gold Cross Necklace - £2

Cross Jumper - Reduced £5

Tartan Jumper - Reduced £5

Bag - £4

H&M Striped Skirt - £3.99

I love my bargain jumpers, especially the tartan one - so cute. I adore this striped skirt too, I've had a few of these in the past and they wear and wash really well. In fact I have a thick striped on from about 3 years ago that I still wear. I can't wait to wear this with a snuggly jumper and thick tights in Berlin!

Have you picked up any bargains in Primark recently?

Katie xx


Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hand Luggage Essentials.

I'm currently taking a break from packing for Berlin to share with you my Hand Luggage Essentials. It's pretty difficult knowing what you can and can't through airport security but I think it's anything under 100ml, which thankfully these all are.

Okay so firstly my Kindle - how could I get on a plane without this?! My kindle is usually attached to me and is ALWAYS in my handbag, just in case of emergency. You would be surprised knowing how many times i have been so thankful for my Kindle being there. I'm currently a third of the way through Eat Pray Love - I saw the film a few months back and loved it but the book is far better. I will do a full review when I finish it.

As planes are notoriously famous for doing crazy things to your skin I am being prepared - I am taking a hand cream.body moisturiser (which had a review scheduled for the 27th December) and a facial moisturiser. I think I may be really brave in the morning and not put any make up on before my flight. We do fly at 8:30am so it'll be pretty early when I leave the house. 

I am also taking my Salicylic acid in case of any break outs during the flight - my skin has a mind of it's own. I really need to do a 'proper review' of this product, I will try and remember at some point. I have a baby bottle of Liz Earle Skin Tonic so that will be joining me, to refresh my skin during/after the flight. I always feel really dirty and dehydrated when I've been on a plane. And of course a vital lip balm!

Lastly, my travel tangle teezer - no girl should EVER be without one of these!

Have I forgotten any essentials that you would take on board? I am of course grabbing a few mags at the airport and will have my camera, purse and make up bag ready for landing!

Katie xx


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Time to de-stress.

Okay you may be thinking why have I got a Buddhism book?! Well a few weeks back I was discussing Buddhism (long story) with my IT trainer, he told me a few stories about Buddhism as he attended a temple. The stories he told me really fascinated me - as far as I'm aware Buddhism isn't actually classed as a 'religion' as such but more a 'way of life' and the stuff he told me wasn't preachy but stories about day to day life. The point of some Buddhist teachings I feel is to help you put things into perspective and live your life in a positive and morally right way.

So I bought this book to read up a little more - I'm not say I've converted to Buddhism and I don't belong to any religion, however I think reading further into Buddhism may help me in my life. Anyone that knows me will agree with the fact that I worry about ANYTHING - literally the most ridiculous things, and although I know they are ridiculous I still become anxious and upset. I take far too many things to heart and I think following some Buddhist teachings may help me to let go of the things that really don't matter in life and to help me move on.

I read a little on Buddhist beliefs towards animals and animal welfare and I completely agreed with it. So if nothing else I know that I follow some of Buddha's teachings. As Buddhist believe you can be re-incarnated as anything living from a blade of grass to another human, they therefore believe everything living should be treated well and with respect. This fits strongly with my cruelty free beauty products and my feelings towards animal testing.

I would really like to take up some relaxing exercise too. Maybe Yoga or Pilates again to de-stress myself. I'm not sure I have the patience for meditation though.

I hope this wasn't too weird or preachy or anything. I like to share everything in my life with you lot! 

Katie xx 

Monday, 17 December 2012

TKMaxx Finds.

TKMaxx is lethal. I LITERALLY could buy everything from their beauty and candle department. I popped in on the way past, with absolutely no intention of buying anything - and some how left with these two goodies.

It's actually the first time I've spotted either of these brands in TKMaxx, and I was so excited to see them both that I HAD to buy them. Thankfully my Granny pops £20 'pocket money' in my account every month (yes I know I'm 22!) so technically she kindly bought me them! 

Okay, so I picked up Korres Thyme Honey 24-hour moisturising face cream for a whole £7.99! This is priced at £19 on ASOS so I was really excited to spot this gem. I've heard a lot of good things about Korres lip care and their wild-rose moisturising cream, so I have high expectation for this. I'm going to use this as a night cream as it had a really nice thick consistency to hydrate my skin through the night. I think it may be a little too heavy for under my make-up.

My second bargain was a super bargain - Origins Modern Friction for £10, yes you heard that correctly. I found this in the reduced part, the RRP being £31, then TKMaxx price was £19 then reduced to £10. I actually did a double take then literally grabbed it off the shelf. The only reason I could see it being reduced was the box was slightly damaged but the product itself is perfect. I assume it ended in TKMaxx due to Origins changing the packaging, I think this is now available in a tube rather than a pot. This is my first Origins product, I've heard so much about the brand I hope this lives up to the hype.

I've used both these products this evening but will be doing separate reviews when I've given them a good go. Amazing finds - I will be on the hunt for some more.

Have you got anything from TKMaxx recently?

Katie xx
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