Friday, 2 November 2012

Wild Berry and Blossom Room Spray.

I picked up another Primark Home beauty today. I know naughty, naughty. But I saw this in Liverpool last week and ever since then, I wished I'd have picked it up.

I've been looking for a nice room spray for a while now, and this is really nice! I wanted one for my bedroom mainly, it kind of has a 'lived in' smell as the Winter arrives and the heating is on more. This is perfect for refreshing my room and adding a bit of yummyness too. 

It has a really sweet, pleasant smell, but not horribly overpowering where you get a headache! I think room spray is a little nicer than your average Oust. The smell lasts much longer than those supermarket things.

This was £3 for a big-ish sized bottle, it doesn't say on it but I'd say at least 50ml. The hubby is currently spraying everywhere so my house smells lovely and fruity. Well worth £3!

Katie xx

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  1. I love buying nice smelly things for my room :P It always makes it nice to come home to :) x


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