Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Washi Review.

On twitter last week I joined a discussion about face cloths/muslin cloths, I was tweeted by the lovely Louise from Lucris Limited. Louise offered to send me a few bits to try - so of course I gladly jumped at the chance. I was sent some Washi cloths, Washi spirals and a Skin Polishing Towel. 

The brand Washi was developed after Louise spent time in Japan and discovered a "lightweight flannel that are a very integral part of Japanese skincare". 

As the letter contains the concept behind Washi - I thought I would share it with you! Louise explained she didn't really get on with Muslin cloths and flannels but wanted something similar but retained heat and washed/dried well. The Washi cloths are pure cotton, so very gentle on skin. I agree that muslin cloths do not retain heat at all. You need to be super sonic at cleansing if you want your cloth to still be hot when you've done your whole face. And I don't know if you all agree but flannels take FOREVER to dry and have an awful musty smell after..

The Washi cloth is smaller than a muslin cloth and much kinder and softer on my skin. I've been using this with Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, instead of the muslin cloth. These are very soothing to your skin, as I have very spot-prone skin, it can get extremely sore at times, but these are perfect for me. The thin towel means it drys very quickly and doesn't get that awful smell. They retain heat VERY well too, so perfect for a hot cloth cleanse!

The skin polishing towel again is extremely soft and delicate on my skin. But also somehow manages to remove any dry, dead skin around my eyebrows and nose. And leave my skin feeling smooth and much perkier. I am really impressed with the products I've tried and will certainly not be moving back to a mudlin cloth anytime soon. 

Lastly, I haven't got round to trying these cotton buds yet but I thought I would explain them anyway. They are sort of indented, unlike the standard smooth bulb-shaped cotton bud. This idea is so they collect more debris and  do a more thorough job. 

Washi products are retailing at an unbelievably good price, I've just nipped on the website and I was very surprised! The hot cloth/skin polishing pack I recieved is £5.95 and you can buy that here, a Washi hot cloth pack only is £4.75 from here and the Spiral Cotton Buds are 99p, here.

Katie xx


  1. I've seen these before, I think I blogged a mention a while back. I use muslin cloths and I also have a bamboo one. Bamboo does retain the heat better. These are interesting. I wish you could just buy one, I don't need 5 I have so many cloths. I enjoyed your review :)


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