Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ojon Rare Blend Oil: Review.

I've been wanting to try a hair oil for ages, I've seen so many reviews are raves about particular brands, but I didn't want to splurge without trying one first. When I went into Boots in Manchester a few weeks ago, I got my hair done (you may have seen the post) and the lady offered me a sample of Ojon Rare Blend Oil, so of course I jumped at the chance to give it a go.

I was only given a little bottle, I'd say 7mls max. I've now used this about 6/7 times after washing my hair over the last 10 days or so. And as you can see there is still a few more washes worth left. So how do you use it? Basically shake the bottle up so the product mixes, as you can see it is layered. Then pour about 5p sized amount onto your hands, rub them together and comb through towel dried hair. Then dry as normal. This also acts as a heat protector, as well as a hair treatment.

I've noticed a clear difference in my hair since starting to use this. It's had a lot more life and I've actually been able to leave it longer between washes and still notice the effects of the oil. It is a lot softer and easier to style.

The only annoying thing, is it is very greasy (obv) so you need to be really careful you don't get too much on your hands and give your hair an overload. I've been avoiding this on my roots, just because they dry the fastest and are usually dry by the time I've towel dried my Hair. 

This oil is priced at £29 for 45mls from here, I think, like every hair oil this is expensive, so pop into your Boots and ask for a tester size to see if you like it. I would love to buy this, but I don't know if I could justify all that money on a hair product. Maybe I will stick it on my Christmas list!

Have you tried and hair oils?

Katie xx


  1. This does sounds lovely, I keep seeing it advertised, very tempted to try it :) just wondering what you thought of this compared to any other oils? x

  2. This looks really goood! May have to find out whether its got nuts in and try it if not :) xxx


  3. I've tried Avon's own Argan oil and have to say it's amazing! Leaves my hair very soft and shiny for several days. Plus it's cheap!

  4. i have oily hair so i don't really use hair oils :/


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  5. It does sound great, I have dry hair so it might work well for me


  6. I don't oil my hair though I have heard it is good to oil once in a while. Nice post :)

  7. love it!


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  8. VO5 do a really good treatment which I reviewed and its quite cheap! :) xx

  9. This looks fab! Expensive tho =/
    My friend from Dubai swears by oiling (and massaging) your hair every week to grow hair so I think I might have to invest in some oils and watch my locks grow :)

    Great post
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  10. I have very thick and curly hair and I've used moroccan oil before which was really good! My favourite hair product at the moment is RB cream from lush. It's amazing, you have to try it!



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