Sunday, 11 November 2012

My new love: Wax Tarts.

 I had a really busy fun day yesterday, I jumped on the train and met my friends at Medowhall in Sheffield. I didn't realise how quickly I can get there from Manchester, so I will be going more often now!
With the spending ban still in place I think I did pretty well - I got some more secret Santa goodies and a wax tart burner plus two wax tarts. I am VERY excited about this!

  Pretty Christmas lights//
My cute Santa clementine juice (5p donated to Shelter too!)


I picked this little baby up from a independent candle shop in Medowhall. It was only £4.99 which I was really impressed with. I've been desperate to try some wax tarts forever, and my Primark candle ran out so I thought I would treat my house!

I picked up Pink Dragon Fruit and Spiced Orange Yankee wax tarts. I absolutely LOVE the smell of the Pink Dragon Fruit, it's so sweet and yummy. I have a big open-plan living room and kitchen, it's pretty difficult to get an air freshener or candle to fill the room, but this did it no problem. I've just been back in this morning and it still smells amazing. Even the hubby was impressed and has totally been converted to wax tarts (I think cos they are so cheap!). 

The Pink Dragon Fruit tart cost £1.24 and the Spiced Orange was less than £1 - as it's the flavour of the month. I'm really excited to try the Orange, it smells very Christmassy! But I still have a lot of my Dragon fruit left as they burn for 20 hours. I also picked up 30 tealights for £1 in Poundland, wax tart burners are well worth the investment. I'm in love!

What flavours have you tried?

Katie xx



  1. I absolutely love wax tarts! I've been burning Yankee Candles' Bahama Breeze on and off since April and I definitely think that they last a hell of a lot longer than 20 hours! xo

  2. I absolutely love this Wax Burner, I might have to have a look out for one. I love candles and things but haven't been able to use them living in student accommodation - the landlord in my current house is a bit more lenient though so I can use candles and things :D YEY. Definitely going to try wax tarts though as they work out cheaper and will probably last longer too.:)

  3. I love the oil burner :) how cute!
    Yankee wax tarts are amazing too!!


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