Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hurry up spending ban.

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I kinda feel like the world is taking the mick out of my spending ban at the moment. You all know my love for bunnies and it just seems everywhere I look, there are rabbits. I would literally buy ANYTHING with a rabbit on, or any other animal for that matter. I only realised how bad my 'obsession' is when I went shopping a few weeks ago with my friends and they actually started pointing out rabbit clothing for me! Whoops.

I'm pretty impressed with the selection though, even Tesco are on board (the top left and bottom right are from F&F). Topshop of course, were already ahead of the game, but I spotted this jumper (bottom left) yesterday, which I hadn't seen before. I need it in my life, hint hint Santa.

Ebay is pretty much the best bet though, there is always a vintage jumper hanging around. I just can't wait for the 9th December. I will obviously HAVE to have a rabbit jumper for Berlin, just to keep warm of course..

Katie xx


  1. So cute! I love bunnies so much :) x

  2. The bottom right pink bunnie with adorable blue jumper is TESCO?????? I actually cannot believe that. It is taking every bit of self control for me to not run out the door in my pyjamas to find the nearest Tesco!!!! (I have already bought one bunny jumper this year, but you can have two right?)

    I hope your spending ban passes super duper quick. By the way this is a super exciting post.... Bunnies, and jumpers. Two of my favourite things!



  3. Its from the kids section in Tesco, I'm a midgit so can get away with baba stuff ha! Xx

  4. I found such a cute bunny jumper in asda with glasses like the pink one! Animal jumpers are so cute !
    I am loving owls at the moment !
    Wanted to post a pic of the jumper but it wouldn't let me :(
    Here's the link if you want to see it :)

    Eve xx

  5. Ahhhhhhh!!!! A girl after my own heart, I love bunnies, Like huge LOVE! I have 2 house bunnies, dwarf lops called Jasper and Delilah. And I love anything with bunnies on, been looking for a cute jumper for a while, I would happily take any of these! Totally following your blog now!!
    Daisy Dayz

  6. such lovely jumpers they look so cosy !

  7. Hey,

    I just adore the pink bunny jumper and at £10 i think it will be mine after the 20/2.



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