Friday, 23 November 2012

Hair Dilemma.

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All photos from Tumblr/Pinterest

I'm so sick of my hair right now. It's at a really awkward stage again, you know the in between not really a hairstyle stage? So I'm considering getting another inch or so off to try and make it more of a 'style'. I got a big chop last year, just before I got married and my hair just seems to have forgotten how to grow.

Another thing is, for placement my hair has to be 'off my collar' so regardless of the length it's going to be up in a pony tail anyway. So should I just get it chopped so it isn't tied back and getting damaged off my bobble every day? What do you guys think?

The left photo is my hair last year and the right was taken about a month ago.


Katie xx


  1. Cut it off! You really suit it short. I always try and grow my hair then end up chopping it all off x

  2. I like it short it looks nice :)

  3. Why don't you have some layers to change it up alittle? :) although it looks lovely on both pictures!
    My hair lives in a messy scruffy bun.. Ops!

  4. I seriously love the ombre style hair to the right x

  5. I love all the hair inspiration pictures, it makes me want to chop my hair short again! x

  6. I think your hair would look nice chocolate brown and maybe ombred :) I think it looks nice at its current length too :) xxx

  7. I like it long! You could put it up by doing a Dutch braid on each side, and coiling the tails in the back and pinning them in place. That would also eliminate the damage from wearing a ponytail every day. I did a tutorial, if you're interested. It was my daily style for a long time. I hope it's OK to leave a link here. :-)


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