Thursday, 8 November 2012

Gluten free baking.

As most of you know I'm gluten free, which can be very pricey at times. My dad bought me some gluten free flour and yeast recently and basically told me to go and make my own bread. I must admit it is probably cheaper in the long run, but it is very time consuming and it's much more convenient to pop to Tesco. Nevertheless I gave it a go.


I maybe went a little OTT with the salt which left them too salty to enjoy properly, but they were okayish. I still have more flour so I can perfect my technique and try not to add too much salt this time. They were pretty easy to make, but there is a lot of waiting around for proving time, which is what annoys me about baking bread. But I will be giving it another go and fingers crossed I will have a yummy batch!

Katie xx


  1. Hmm that looks delicious! Making your own bread is time consuming indeed, but there's nothing that tastes and smells as good as homemade bread :)


  2. These look great! Xx

  3. i tried this a few weeks ago but i didn't like the outcome :( but i also don't like gluten free bread from sainsburys/ tescos either! however i did put the gluten free flour to good use and made a gluten free, dairy free banana bread which was v nice!

  4. They look quite nice! Although I don't usually cook so i'd never go through all that hassel. Makes me admire you though! :)


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