Thursday, 1 November 2012

Freebies; Cowshed Hand Cream Review.

Has anyone picked up a copy of this months Easy Living Magazine? I've been meaning to branch out to new mags recently, to be honest I'm sick of reading the same thing and looking at clothes I will never be able to afford. So I grabbed a copy of Easy Living, I must admit the free Cowshed hand cream did have a little part to play in choosing my mag.
I have a lot of love for the Cowshed brand, I've longed to buy some of their goodied for a longgg time so this was the perfect chance to give a product a try. The brand use natural oils and niceness and are animal friendly - this makes a very happy Katie.
Excuse the photo I'm at uni!
There are two 'flavours' to choose from, but this one sounded the yummiest. I have an obsession with citrusy smells so this is perfect for me. It actually smells really fresh with just a hint of citrus, which actually is really lovely as sometimes it can be a little over powering.
I've only been using a small amount, it has a lovely texture and isn't greasy at all. This is fab for me, while being a student nurse we have A LOT of hand washing to do, which can leave your hands very dry and sore, so this is brill at rejuvenating them. Although this is just a travel sized bottle at 50ml, you get a lot to try and it's the perfect size for your hand bag! It actually retails (for this sized bottle) at £8, I think this is pretty resonable and I would consider buying.
I'm currently eyeing up what else I'd like to try, I'm thinking shampoo and conditioner! I wasn't aware that Cowshed did anything for the home, until I investigated their website, and they do candles!! And reed diffusers, I will be looking into this, I need this gorgeousness in my house! 
I believe this freebie is still available with Easy Living mag, its actually a fab mag to give a read cos there is some 'real' life stories as well as fashion, beauty etc. I will be buying again!
 Have you tried any Cowshed products?
Katie xx



  1. I got this magazine too for the handcream! I got the other one though, 'Cow Pat', which is grapefruit and coriander - it's absolutely lovely!

  2. I haven't tried any of their products yet, nice review!


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