Thursday, 29 November 2012

Directions Hair Dye Review.

I've been due for a root tough up for some time, but been far to lazy to do it. My hair colour fades quite quickly so I have to dye it about every 4-5 weeks. Plus it grows quite fast and makes my roots look grey - even though my natural colour is mousey-brown, I will never understand. Hair dye has caused a lot of damage to my hair the last year or so. Particularly from when it was bleached this time last year, I've only just (as in last week) managed to get the ends of my hair in an acceptable condition and there are no awful 'burnt' ends anymore. 

Instead of using my usual permanent colour, I wanted to give a semi-permanent a go to see the difference in the condition of my hair afterwards. I'd been doing a little research and came across Directions from La Riche - a company that specialises in semi-permanent hair dyes. They do a range of vibrant colours, so of course I picked up an orangey colour called Apricot to bring back some ginger to my locks.

I picked up my pot from a random shop in Preston for a measly £3.80. The instructions were pretty straight forward, you wash your hair as normal (minus any hair treatments other than shampoo) then towel dry. You then put this dye all over much like you would for a hair mask and leave it to do it's thing. I left it on for half an hour then rinsed it out. So basically it's just a coloured conditioner. I'm really impressed with the results and I would certainly use this product again. It supposedly last for around 4 weeks - which is the length of time I usually leave my hair before dying anyway.

The thing that has impressed me most about this colour, is the condition it has left my hair in. My hair is unbelievably soft, probably softer than it would be after using a hair mask and super shiny. In fact I've been able to leave my hair and not wash it for 3 days, which is impressive for me. 

Lastly, it doesn't smell of anything which it amazing as I hate that 'after colour' smell and feel my hair usually has. Literally no smell at all, non of that chemically home-dye kit awfulness. 

Directions come in so many different colours, plus they are all semi-permanent so you could change your hair colour every week! These are such a fab idea for fancy dress too. Oh by the way, they are a cruelty free brand too.

Have you tried directions? You can check out all the colours and buy your dye here

Katie xx



  1. I use this to dye my hair blue. I love it! My hairdresser always recommends it! It makes my hair so soft xx

  2. I used to use the bright blue when I had dip dyed ends and also used to bright red a few times on a friend's hair - both absolutely amazing, I can't praise the brand highly enough! :-) xxx

  3. I love directions, I used to have purple hair ( but the only reason I stopped was because if it got on my skin then I was stained for weeks. The only method of getting it off was using proper bleach!
    I would definitely use it again if that problem was sorted.

    Steph xxx

  4. The colour looks fab on you, I can't believe how easy it was!

    Lea x

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  5. Hi Katie! thanks for following my blog!! ^^
    this is exactly the hair color I wish I had!! I love it so much and it suits you!

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    Your blog is so amazing and I love this post! your hair colour is lovely!
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  7. You hair looks really very lovely.. Glad to find the page. Great read here.!!!


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